My cat is in heat, and she won’t shut up!!!?

My cat seems to be in heat almost constantly, not really following any pattern at all. Right now she's been in heat for over a month, and she just won't shut up. When she's around people, she is usually moaning, but not too loudly. When she's alone, or in another room though, she is horribly loud. Spaying and ṃѧṭıṅɢ are not options. Any ideas for shutting her up?

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  • Allowing your cat to remain unspayed is cruel and you are not being responsible.

    Contact your local humane society and ask about low cost/free spay and neuter clinics in your area.

    If you are not willing to have her spayed, then it would be best to find another home for her where she will receive the care she needs and deserves.

    good luck!

  • It sounds like maybe you can't have her spayed because you are a dependent and that is up to your parents right? Well, you can try to just get her to focus on playing with toys and maybe that will tire her out. I just bought my cat the a-maz-ing string; it is battery operated, and you can leave it on all night. I put a newspaper in front of it so she hides under the paper and attacks the string. I can't promise it will work but I read that Some cats won't go into heat so often if they are exposed to only 8 hours of sunlight or artificial light a day. So you could try keeping the lights dim and going to bed early. Cover the windows to black out street lights and keep the t.v. and computer off around your cat. It's good you are not considering ṃѧṭıṅɢ her because not only will she have kittens, she could get a disease from the other cat or an abscess from the ṃѧṭıṅɢ as cats are often aggressive when mating. Keep her indoors. If the problem is money, you could contact the local animal shelter about low-cost spay programs. Don't give her aspirin; it is poisonous to cats.

    Do not give your cat away. Only 60% of spay contracts are honored when pets are adopted out. There is no gurantee that the new owners will spay her or at least keep her indoors. At least you are keeping her indoors at all times, I hope. Sometimes, cats go into a silent heat and don't show signs they are in heat so always keep her indoors. Keep the windows closed so she won't claw through a screen to get out. Also, keep her away from unneutered cats. If you have to give her away, have her spayed first. But really it is unlikely you will find a good home for her with the recession and everything. People have been abandoning their pets.

  • Unfortunately, most females cats don't have a set number of days per heat, or set number of heat cycles per year. If spaying isn't an option, I won't suggest it. At this point the only humane options are earplugs.

  • Why isn't spaying an option?

    She could have cystic ovaries or pyometrea. Cystic ovaries will cause a cat to cycle constantly, pyo is an infection resulting from being constantly in heat & not bred. Closed pyo is a hidden killer... the infection is there, unknown until the uterus rutures & kills the cat if not spayed in time.

    Each heat cycle also puts her at greater & greater risk forʙʀᴇᴀsт cancer.

    Source(s): breeding/showing purebred cats since 1972
  • Why is spaying not an option? There is no other answer? That's how cats are and spaying is the only way. Sorry. Dee Dee

  • a stable set of earplugs. so a methods as less expensive thoughts, in case you reside interior the U. S., I even have provided a link. additionally, is you're interior the U. S. or Canada, verify rescue communities which you detect on Petfinder, as generally they have arrangements with vets who do spaying at decreased expenditures. A no frills spay could be waiting to be won for properly below what you have been referred to.

  • It's going to just keep getting worse, you have to get her spayed, contact the humane society for a low cost spay/neuter program for cats in your area. We got ours done for $50 and we live in CT!!

  • Maybe some people just dont have money to get a cat spayed or fixed I know I dont have money for my cat telling someone to get rid of their pet and make them look like **** people for it is messed up

  • spaying is the only way nothing will shut her up but to make her feel a little better and make her more quiet is to get cat pain Relief

  • After one of my kitty's first heat, I couldn't get her spayed fast enough. I know how crazy it can get. Spaying is the answer.

  • Why can she spayed? She will continue this until she is spayed and you are putting her at risk for pyrometra or cancers. Either can kill her if she's not spayed.

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