my Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner died in middle of vacuuming. it has a clear dustcup. whats wrong with it?

its red with a dust cup and a filter in the dust cup. it just died when i was using the attachment tube. now it wont tunr back on. what happened?

3 Answers

  • It’s possible that the thermal overload switch kicked in and stopped the vacuum before it could overheat. Try it again once it’s cooled off completely. If that doesn’t do it, then the vacuum is probably toast and will have to be replaced. For an inexpensive vacuum that works reasonably well, try the Bissell Cleanview.…

  • sometimes when they get hot, they stop working for a while. did you try it again? they are not designed for more than 10 mins work.

  • Did it come with warranty? Take it back to the store.

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