She ate a whole can (16oz) of POWDERED baby formula, im worried about it expanding in her stomach. Any one have advice? (Keep in mind i would call a vet, but it is the day after thanksgiving and they are all closed here.) she ate it yesterday, and she has been pooping fine so far...

"Tainted Paladin" I live in north pole, ak. no emergency vets on holidays, just not enough vets, period.

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  • powdered formula does not expand.. if she ate it yesterday and she's still fine, then there's no problems.

  • The baby is looking to nurse and comfort from a mother figure.Go to a pet store and find a formula for kittens.We had a papion who did not have a litter of pups.She raised 3 litters of kittens and actually produced milk,when i asked the vet why i was told it was because the kittens were born the same time my dog would have given birth if she became pregnant.I do have pictures and its so cute.If the dogs don,t mind then don,t worry.They just might be the comfort that the baby needs and she will grow out of it but they will form a bond of parent and offspring.What colour are the kittens eyes if they are still blue then she is about 4 weeks or younger and if there turning a little older.

  • As far as the possible bloat - it obviously didn't happen, or she'd have been dead within an hour. Now is the time to find out where the emergency vet clinic is in your area for the next time you have a question - so you are not asking it 24 hours too late.

    With regard to the baby formula, you should spake to the vet right away - baby formula is sometimes fortified with extra iron, and iron toxicosis is still a possibility depending upon the size and weight of your dog. Please give them a call, and next time don't wait, no matter who is celebrating what. Your dog's life could depend upon it.

  • My dog ate a can of iron rich formula last night and is now favoring his hind legs. It does not fell as though he has a block in his intestines, but is acting very strange. We don't have the money to take him into emergency, was just simply wondering if it could just be constipation caused by the formula... if so would it be advisable to give him tums or other stomache relief medicine.

  • If her stomach were going to get distended, you'd have noticed by now. Just keep an eye on it and keep the vet's number handy.

    *edit* Alot of areas now have Emergency Veterinary Clinics, which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of holiday. Keep that in mind.

  • she may have a bellyache and some loose stool, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it if I were you.

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