My dog ate cat food and now she is sick. What do I do.?

My ten week old white lab ate a bunch of cat food and now she is vomiting, has diarrhea, and wont eat her dog food. What little I get her to eat she vomits it up. what should i do.

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  • I would not feed her for 24 hours, it sounds mean, but her stomach needs to settle before she can eat. Make sure that you get her to drink plenty of water, especially with the diarrhea and vomiting! Dogs can dehydrate very quickly especially puppies! If she stops vomiting and have diarrhea after the 24 hours, you can feed her a little plain white rice and unseasoned boiled chicken or hamburger. If after 48 hours, she is not getting better and is not acting herself, I would call the vet. Good luck!

  • Cat food shouldn't make her sick like that. It has the same ingredients as any other commercial food. **meaning inappropriate amounts of grains, vegetables etc - many dogs eat cat food all the time and some organisations like Guidedogs for the Blind provide cat food for their fostered puppies. It will NOT make them sick!! Well, not more than a steady diet of processed food will make any animal (even humans) ill over time anyway. Both dogs and cats are carnivores and should be fed basically the same food. The only difference is that cats shouldn't be fasted, don't like 'ripe' meat (AKA bones hidden in the garden) and cannot produce their own taurine so must eat it (heart is a great source).

    She may have a stomach bug or even an infectious illness like parvovirus. This virus is more common in pups than older dogs due to their immature immune systems.

    Take away all food while she is ill but leave the water bowl out. Keep an eye on her and make sure she is not lethargic, in pain or dehydrated. If in any doubt take her straight to the vet.

  • She ate something else that made her sick. Start her on a rice diet until the runs go away.

    1 cup of chicken broth to 2 cups of rice. You can add boiled chicken, chicken livers or hamburger to it also.

    My dogs eat cat food, but tads of it at a time. It's higher in calories and fat and your lab wasn't used to it.

  • Give your dog plenty of water and wait for it to pass. Your dog wont eat while its stomach is upset and its still barfing up cat food. Your dog should feel fine after it gets it all out. If it goes on for more than two days go to the vet. And I would put up the cat food!

  • she needs to see the vet.. she may have pancreatis.


    Cat food does NOT have the same ingredients as dog food! Cat food is higher in protiens, certain nutrients, and fats.. too much at one time could cause pancreatis!


    Organizations like Guide Dogs do NOT give their puppies cat food! They give them PUPPY food! I have raised puppies before for such organizations, and I was given a reccommended list of PUPPY foods to feed while the pup was in my care! They want these pups to grow and develop properly so they do not suffer from growth issues because of a poor diet.. they will feed them the appropriate diet!

    Cat food is not formulated for dogs, its formulated for CATS! Feeding a diet of cat food can result in nutritional deficiencies, and problems like liver and kidney damage from too much protien.. my cousins dog needed a $400 surgury a few years ago to remove bladder stones.. the cause of the bladder stones was the "mostly catfood" diet!

    With vomiting and diareah, and the inability to hold food down, I wouldnt risk "waiting it out" or doing the bland diet. The high amounts of proteins and fats can cause pancreatis in a dog if a large enough amount was consumed.. the pup NEEDS a vet!

  • boil some chicken then d- bone it n make some rice mix the water from the chicken with the rice n some chicken she will eat it hope she get well soon!

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