My Dog eats Squirrel Poop, can she catch anything from it?

Squirrels come on back porch, this is where I bring my dog to let her go “make”, I have seen her eat Squirrel poop b4 I can stop her. Yes this is gross! But does anyone know if she can get sick or catch anything from this? like worms, parasites or some other disease? Thanks for any help!

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  • I am not sure what she can get exactly, check with your vet.. but I do know RABIES is NOT spread from eating poop. it is from BITES or saliva transfer.. like if your dog killed it or was eating a dead Squirrel itself. but as I said.. ask your vet.

  • If the squirrel is sick it is possible for the dog to get sick from the feces. Without knowing exactly the possible dieases they can spread, I would make moves to keep the squirrels off of the portch completely. Trhe product below is meant to keep them from getting into bird feeders, but im sure if you edge the area you want to keep them away from with it, it will work the same. You would have to think hard about all the possible ways they can get on the porch. In addition to this I would try to use someother type of humane repellant.

    Sticky Stuff: These products cause the most concern. They consist of a thick, sticky, gel-like material that can be used to cover surfaces on which squirrels might walk or poles that hold feeders. The material is certainly likely to repel squirrels, and they definitely don’t like to get it on their paws or fur. However, the substance can also get on birds—sometimes with fatal consequences.

  • Yes she can. Squirrels are still considered a rodent, and carry the same diseases that rodents do, be it rabies, or some other disease. While dogs much enjoy eating whatever disgusting thing they can find, this does not mean its a good idea. You might want to start checking the porch before letting your dog out the door.

  • YES YES YES… your dog can absolutely catch something from ANY animal feces, it’s waste. There really is no way to get your dog to stop unless you start feeding the neighborhood squirrels a pill that deters dogs from eating feces… in other words you may want to go a different route and ask “how do i keep squirrels off my back porch?”

  • Actually just called my vet because my dog DaVinci decided he liked eating squirrel poop today. My vet stated that as long as the dog is up to date on worming and shots, he should not get sick but to take measures to keep him from doing so as it is a bad, if not disgusting habit. No nite-nite puppy kisses for him tonight.

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  • Poisen is an option, just make sure you get the kind that dehydrates them so the die away from your house and dont leave any water standing around for them and keep the lid to the toilet closed. Or go to a resturant supply store, Im sure youve seen those small metel box traps around factorys and food places, there very effective.

  • dont let your dog eat squirrel poop even i know that and i dont own a dog

  • Actually both squirrel poop can make your dog ill.…

  • She might get rabies or a sickness that is common for squirrels to have.

  • yes, your dog can get sick from eating spuirrel **** they contain diseases your dog will have to get shots.

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