My dog has an ingrown toenail. How much will procedure cost?

My 4-year-old Pomeranian's dewclaw started to swell about a week ago. We noticed today that his nail has started to grow into the pad. Yes, I realize I must take him to the vet. He is being taken early tomorrow morning. How much will the procedure cost? (estimate)

He had his nails trimmed last summer.

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  • Its very hard to say and is highly dependant on your particular veterinary clinic's unique costs of procedures. If you really want an estimate I would call them and ask.

    A guess would be that they will likely charge you for a vet examination and then clip the nail, and then clip the hair around the wound and scrub it with an antiseptic scrub. Your dog may or may not need an Elizabethan collar (lampshade) and may or may not need a bandage. He also may or may not need to be on a course of antibiotics depending on how bad it looks and if it is already infected. There's also worst case scenario, your dog may need some sedation if he freaks out and will not let the vet staff tend to his nail so this could range anywhere from a simple nail trim to a sedation with sutures: $40 - $200...Its best to just take him in, have the vet look at it an then ask them to provide you with an estimate of costs for what they recommend doing before they do anything. A well run veterinary clinic will be happy to provide you with this.

    Good luck!

  • Dog Ingrown Nail

  • A preliminary question: how many times have you trimmed your dog's nails in the past four years?

    Edit: I will say it will cost your vet's price for a basic surgical procedure, say a tooth cleaning with anesthesia.

  • this all depends on the vet and also rather they will need to sedate the dog or not

    for future the dog should have the nails cut every 6-8 weeks

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