My dog swallowed pieces of rubber from a tennis ball, is a vet trip necessary?

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  • Unless your dog is a tiny thing, he will be just fine. Give him a little canned creamed corn to speed things along. Tennis balls are not poisonous. A dog will not usually swallow pieces larger than it can PӨӨP. If he doesn't PӨӨP for more than 2 days, or shows distress, then it deserves a vet call. Keep the water dish full and fresh.

    Source(s): experience raising more than 80 pups in my home
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  • Oh yes it can get stuck or just sit in his stomach or intestines. Any kind of foreign object in their system is not good. The littlest pieces of plastic or tennis ball, anything from a toy can cause major problems. You need to at the least call your vet ASAP and let them know and get their advice. They might have some trick's you can try at home but you need to talk to them. Your going to have to watch very closely to see if it passes. Good Luck!

  • How much rubber?If your talking a whole balls worth,go to the vet just to be safe.Pieces of toys,and things like socks and washcloths(usually bigger dogs swallow these)can cause a bowell obstruction.Left untreated bowel obstructions cause pain and then death.Surgery for obstructions is very expensive and very hard on on your dog.If you ever think your dog swallowed something to big for it to pass,see your vet ASAP.

  • it depends on the size of the dog and the size of the rubber he swallowed, if it was just a little piece he will digest it and PӨӨP it out. you dont have to go to the vet just try calling. hope everything gets well! -emily, 13-

  • Observe your dog carefully over the next 24 hours or so. If the dog appears to be in discomfort, or vomits, then take him to the vet.

    Otherwise, the material will pass in the fullness of time.

  • Call your vet and ask. Unless your vet is a gauger, s/he will be honest about whether or not you should come in.

    My guess is yes, as I can imagine (unpleasantly) that it's a hazard to the urinary tract.

  • I would certainly go if your dog swallowed a lot of it. It can clog up the system.

  • He should pass them but I would keep an eye on him.

  • of course

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