My German shepard as stolen last year when he was 4 months, if my dog sees me again is he going to remember I’m his owner and come to me ?

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  • Was he actually stolen or did you just not bother to keep him from running loose?

  • Hopefully he won’t as it’s it’s spelled Shepherd, the dog is smarter than you and it’s no longer your dog, get over it. Hopefully the dog is in a home that Really Cares as obviously had you cared it would never have been stolen. It was your responsibility to contain your dog securely and constantly supervise it then it wouldn’t have been stolen.…

  • He would but he wouldn’t want to return to you

  • probably not.

  • No, and he’s not “your” dog anymore since you haven’t had him for a year. He wouldnt’ know you from Adam and he’s bonded with whoever he’s with now. So lose that “I’m his owner” nonsense because since then they have taken him to the vet and have vet bills in THEIR name so lose that sense of entitlement.

  • He might. I had a dog who remembered everyone who came to see her as a puppy, and got super excited every time she saw them, even if it was years in between. She was indifferent to most people, but those she met as a pup, she loved for life. I’m so sorry about your puppy. That is just awful. I can’t even imagine it.

  • No, he won’t remember you.

  • If he is a friendly dog he would go up to any one. He has already bonded with who ever has him now. He may remember you but you would have no way of proving he is your dog.

    I have had two dogs stolen from me & I never saw them again. I just pray they were not used as bait dogs to teach pits to kill.

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