My high pressure washer won’t start?

My Pacific Hydrostar 6.5 2500 Psi High Pressure Washer won't start,

I think maybe the engine has been flooded, I'm not sure.

When I pull on the starter grip, It takes a few tries but it will eventually start for a couple seconds (however very noisy and shaky) then it stops all of a sudden

What can I do to get it to start?

any help what-so-ever is appreciated

4 Answers

  • Try to start without water hose attached, If it will start you probably have too much load on it. DO NOT RUN FOR OVER A FEW SECONDS WITHOUT WATER ON. If it does start and run for a few seconds. Then try with water on at the same time keep wand trigger pulled to release any pressure.

  • my pacific hydrostar electric pressure washer won t come on....with switch on the body of the unit on.....and

    the reset button on the power cord on........

    what is the problem? was working fine.....went to lunch .....turned OFF switch on body unit......two hours later would not restart.

  • Take help from expert

  • clean the carburetor , gumout works well , if you don't know how to clean the jets , get help or take it in

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