My husband forgot how to open his Champion gun safe.?

We know the combination, but he can’t remember how to put it in. It is a dial safe, not one that you punch the number in. Please help!

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  • Well, most gun safe combinations work pretty much in the same way.

    Clear to the “right”

    1st number – pass the number three times to the left, stop on the 4th revolution

    2nd number – pass the number twice to the right, stop on 3rd revolution

    3rd number – pass the number once to the left, stop on the 2nd revolution

    4th number – right to last number(dial will stop at number)

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  • Champion Gun Safe

  • Field And Stream Gun Safe

  • The Brand of my safe isnt champion but if the other sequences don’t work try this spin the dial around a few times back and forth to reset it and start at zero.Lets just say your numbers are 36,84 and 43 go right 2 times to 36 then go left 2 times to 84 then right to 43.If this doesnt work Id say for you to call a locksmith.He mite be able to tell you what your sequence is over the phone.Or he mite have to comeover and play with your safe for a wile.He should be able to get it open with the numbers you give him.You mite want to have 50 to 150 set aside for this.Locksmiths can be expensive.Good Luck.

  • Call the Champion Gun Safe Company..They register the original combinations for cutomers who purchase their gun safes. You might have reset different numbers but the dial turns will stay the same. If not, any qualified Locksmith that works on Safe’s can open it for you. There is of course a charge for this service. I have had customers in my shop tell me that they were charged $50-$100 for having a Locksmith come to their home and open their Gun Safe for them……Good Luck!

  • start at 0 then go left right left right and so on say that the number is 3 26 32 45 10 start at first spin the dial right one time then start on 0 go left to 3 then go right to 26 left to 32 right to 45 and left to 10 if that don’t work instead of going left from 0 go right 3 you may have to go past the 3 one full turn but to be sure just go and stop on 3 the 1st time so it will go like this 0 starting point OK right to 3 left to 26 right to 32 left to 45 and right to 10 this should open the door if not a lock smith can get open

  • Good thing someones no breaking in lol

  • Your husband isn’t very smart is he?

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