my husband wants me to cut my hair short during my pragnacy. wat should i do??

i need the style to be very short so that it is easier to maintain. any suggestions??

boy styles also can!

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  • Why would you do that? I don’t understand his reasoning.

    I have 3 kids and I learned not to make any life altering decisions or changes whilst pregnant because hormones skew all judgment.

  • Its your hair! Y cut it just because he wants you to???? There are many up do styles that can keep the hair off the neck rather than cutting the hair, what happens if you dont like it??? I suggest you take a picture of your self with your hair tied back cut out some styles from books/magazines etc & place them over your photo so you can see what looks best. I have listed some styling sites.…

    Source(s): beautician 27 yrs
  • Whenever I get tired of caring for long hair I go for a Chin Length Bob with graduated layers underneath. I have wavy hair and it still stays straight and has lots of body. And if you want it to look great it only takes 3 minutes to blowdry. Or you can skip the blowdry and use a big hair straightner. You only have to separate into 5 sections and run it over once. I would recommend a side part, as it gives the hair shape and movement.

  • Depends on your type of hair…I personally have always thought the Dorothy Hamil bob to be a really cute style. I wore my hair short for year. I would have it shorter in back, tapered at the neck, cut over the ears and a little length on top. However, if you don’t want to cut it, buy a wig.

  • If YOU need the style to be short and easy to maintain, then do it.

    Honestly, if your husband insists, unless he is the one who takes care of it for you, there could be other serious problems looming on the horizon. Some men develop identity issues when they see their wives getting bigger with their pregnancy. I hope him wanting you to have short hair is not the start of something like that.

    The best thing you can do, is keep your hair how you like it. Your hair is part of who you are, and he shouldn’t try to control you. If he develops issues over it, get into counselling with him.

  • The real question here is do YOU want to cut your hair, and it really wont matter. your hair tends to grow much quicker with pregnancy. So get it cut if you feel you must and with all the extra nutrients your body will be taking in with the prenatel vitamins it should grow back in no time.

  • Before you rush out and cut all your hair off, ask yourself, do I WANT to cut my hair? If you do, then fine, just ask a hairdresser to cut your hair in a short, stylish style.

    If you don’t, then explain to your husband you don’t want to cut your hair, and you’ll be able to maintain it yourself. After all, it is your hair.

  • Keep your hair, just because he wants you to cut it. Then, after you have the baby and find for the 244th time your hair is hanging in your face while youre trying to change a diaper, have it cut yourself 🙂

  • I say it’s your hair, if you want it short then cut it. Why does he want you to get it cut short? Is it really long? What do you want to do, I say it’s up to you, you are the one that has to take care of it.

  • if i were you i would keep it the lenght that it is and just put it back in a hair-tie….that way you dont have to wait so long for it to grow back. but if you really wanna cut it then just take like 3 or 4 inches off.

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