My nose piercing problems?

my nose still hurts after four month of getting it pierced i used to put nose screw and now I changed it to bone but it hurts sooo much I used to have a bump inside my nose and now it s smaller but I ll the pain is from inside my nose I still have small bump in I it but it hurts so question is how long does it take to heal and why it still hurts so much? I m afraid that ll i have to take it off i don t want to how should i know I m allergic to it? and it ll heal eventually or not? please help

1 Answer

  • It takes this piercing around 6 months to heal because this piercing goes through cartilage.

    A bone style jewelry is terrible, because it forces your piercing to stretch as you put it in and take it out.

    You should go to your piercer and have them put in high quality implant grade jewelry. This is something that you should not be allergic to. You should also care for it like it is still healing, because it is. Do sea salt soaks daily.

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