My organic strawberries taste like chemicals or nail polish remover?

I bought some organic strawberries for the grocery store and me and my family all tried them and said they tasted like nail polish remover! I ate one and now i’m scared i’m going to die or something! Please answer thank you 🙂

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  • Depending on where you are from, they are probably brought in from God knows where. Even organic fruits don’t taste good when shipped long distances because the growers use varieties known for their sturdiness, NOT flavor.

    Thats why I never buy stuff like that till they are naturally in season in my area. The flavor difference is absolutely amazing between winter berries and summer ones.

  • I literally just tasted a strawberry my daughter left in her lunch bag and it tastes like nail polish remover. The bag smells like it too. Should I call poison control? My nose is burning and running now. Geez

  • I am so sorry but this was funny man. Nail polish remover? Oh gosh what stuff are they putting in your food. Just throw them away if you were gonna die I doubt you would still be alive. You should be fine. If your that concerned go to a dr. and have him tell you himself.

  • I have no idea why they might have tasted that way, but I’m sure you’ll be fine….

    don’t overreact!

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