My other teeth hurt after wisdom teeth extraction? ?

Ok, I’m 13 and I got all 4 wisdom teeth out on March 15 Thursday, the holes don’t hurt much and the swelling has been going down, I’ve been taking pain killers and penicilln.

But for some reason my other teeth have been aching, like if there’s pressure on them? I don’t get it? There’s no other symptoms? Mostly the back ones hurt? Help please /:

Another question :

The left bottom hole hurts ALOT at night? I’m almost screaming from the pain, it hurts all around the area, like the jaw hurts though not the gums? Why? And thanks everyone for helping (:

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  • The other teeth are just resettling. Wisdom teeth usually get extracted because they are pushing the other teeth out of alignment, so once the wisdoms are removed, this allows the other teeth to move to their final resting place.

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  • If its been a week since your wisdom teeth have been extracted,& you haven”t had any problems with bleeding, or excrutiating pain. What this sounds like with you is that you may have a sinus infection. When your sinuses are infected it does affect the roof of your mouth, and your teeth will get sore. For your own sake, feel above your eyes to see if they feel sore, have you had an extra amount of drainage in the back of your throat, i would go to your family Dr. to have that checked. Sometimes if you have had the extractions like you have it can move the sinuses around. Even though you’ve probably been on antibotic, you may even ask your Dr. about taking some Mucinex that you can purchase over the counter.

  • All Teeth Hurt

  • That’s normal. Your teeth are settling back to where they should be. And yes, the pain is always worse at night. Why? I don’t know. I suppose it’s because our bodies are trying to go into “rest mode”?

    If the pain is too much talk to your Dentist or Oral Surgeon about some pain management. An Ibuprofen or two along with the pain pills helps a lot. So does some cold compresses on the face. Or, you can have some sherbet or ice cream to numb it! (If you are allowed to eat sugary foods)


    yes because your wisdom teeth were probably hitting your other teeth which could make them sensative after they are removed and now with the free space, your teeth will probably shift a bit to make more room.

  • You should go back in to see the oral surgeon or dentist who did the extractions so he or she can take a look. You may have developed an infection or nerve damage.

  • Never See Dentist Again :

  • start doing warm salt water rinses 4-5 times a day and the pain will go away.

    this will help in proper blood circulation and faster healing of the gums and bone.

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