My precious ?? Meaning?

What does it exactly mean when some one calls you "my precious"

10 Answers

  • They're quoting the lord of the rings? a few people say that in the lord of the rings series. Gollum/Smeagolby, Bilbo Baggins, and I think that Frodo said it too. They are referring to a ring, "One Ring". Or it could be a term of endearment (if you want to be thinking of lord of the rings every time your significant other calls you that).

  • It means that person cares about you. You're precious to them, like a diamond.

  • It's a Lord of the Rings reference, it's very popular. A character named Gollum uses it a lot. Plus it means you are pretty important to them, generally. Unless they are joking. It's pretty straightforward.

  • It means you love your ring so much you would dive into an active volcano to buy it a few more seconds of not melting.

  • Means that someone thinks you're important to that person's life in wonderful ways. Loves you in some way(romantic, family...etc), you're very dear to that person and care a lot about you. That someone wants to please you to see you happy, wants to protect you from any harm, believe in you, trust you, very fond of you and thinks you're absolutely amazing.

  • You may be talking to Gollum because not many others use that expression.

  • Depends who it was and how well you knew them. I can only think of old women doing that.

  • lord of the rings

  • supposed to be a term of endearment

  • It means my beloved, my dear one.

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