my professor gave me an F on my paper, I’m really upset …?

I feel awful and crying about getting an F on my paper. I don’t know how to respond to my professor she is giving me the chance to fix the paper and turn it in by Wednesday. The problem that I’m having is that I’m going through health issues right now and I had treatment last month and the anesthesia from the treatment and the medications have really messed with my ability to think and process. I have disability accommodations that the professor knows about. I already took a year off of school and that’s all the time i can take off or else id have to drop out of the program. Im having a flare up of my pain and i need to type to revise the paper and i feel like i just can’t PHYSICALLY redo the paper. I’m already behind on the next paper that’s due. I honestly don’t want her to think that I’m a bad student and that I’m careless, but i dont know how to explain that I’m having health issues and i dont want her to think I’m using that as an excuse. Ive passed all my other classes with an A and i haven’t gotten an F before on a paper. If i didnt have all this crap going on with me i wouldn’t be getting an F… it sucks because i got off topic when i did the paper and that’s a big reason why i got an F but i literally worked on it day and night!:( also the medications I’m on make me very sedated and there just isn’t any easy fix… what should i do or say? 

I did redo my paper and took more meds than normal… i had anesthesia weekly for an entire month and before then biweekly for 2 months… not only the anesthesia ****** my brain it was the ketamine and muscle relaxers that I’m on antidepressents etc… 

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  • anesthesia from last month would not still be affecting you now.,  you should have  cognitively been back to normal within 24 hours.

    if you can’t physically type, you can be accommodated by having voice to text software or a typist to type for you

    time extensions including getting incompletes would be reasonable accommodations.

    do you need so many classes to stay an active student?

    talk to the disability accommodations office 1st

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