my rabbit thinks i always have food help!?

my rabbit always thinks i have food he has gotten so excited about food that i can no longer hand feed him he will bite me because he gets that excited and i ant clean the cage because he runs over and starts biting and whenever i sit by him he always starts running around and won’t leave me alone help! Whenever the cage door is open he runs out and bites anything of me he can find

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  • He needs to be neutered.

    It also sounds like (from your prior questions) that he is cage aggressive. This can happen to any rabbit but particularly with hormonal ones.

    There are ways to work around it in the meantime, but it involves (potentially) a number of changes. Without knowing your normal daily routine with him, I can only offer general suggestions.

    Only clean the cage when he is outside of it. Keep food dish near entrance of cage to minimize your intrusion into his cage. Consider the cage to be his domain and no longer put your hand in his cage (not even to pet him) unless it is just to put the food in right by the door of the cage. And even putting food in, try to do so when he is distracted.

    Establish regular routines with him — for out-of-cage time, for pellet feeding, cage cleaning, etc. They *like* routine and will adjust to it.

    Examine and adjust his feeding — schedule and diet. If he’s close to 6 months of age, it is time to change to an adult diet. Pellets should be limited (just 1/4 cup per day for a 5-7 lb rabbit). Those pellets should be plain (no add-ins). Hay should be unlimited – any kind except alfalfa. Greens should be introduced (if not done already). Check this page for pellet brand recommendations and info about greens, etc:

    If he circles you, that means he’s chosen you for his mate! That is another sign of hormonal behavior — another reason to get him neutered asap. He may also decide to start spraying you with urine (marking you as his).

    For further tips, check out my website below

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