My school uses i want to check to make sure it passes?

My school uses to check for plagiarism so i just want to make sure that my will pass the test. So at their website they have a free WriteCheck trial that says that it will check to make sure it passes. But i have to be sure that once i submit my paper that it will not go to the so when my teacher checks it doesnt come up with my paper saying it is 100% plagiarized. Has anyone used this service and recommends it and knows what im talking about?

3 Answers

  • Rest assured, WriteCheck will not add your paper to the Turnitin student paper database.

  • Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing you can do to remove traces of THC (active ingredient in cannabis) from your urine. It goes out by itself, and if you’ve smoke every day for the past five years then it can take up to a month for your urine to clear. The ONLY way to pass the test if you can’t stay clean for a month is to swop your urine for someone else’s, but if you’re caught that can lead to even more trouble. If you just want to get rid of it in the fastest possible way, then anything which speeds up your metabolism will help – you could probably flush everything out in 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks if you exercise more than usual (but NOT on the day of your test), drink LOTS of fluids (cranberry juice and LOTS of water), eat lots of spicy food….

  • Just don’t use any direct copies of sentences from the internet and you shouldn’t have to worry.

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