My Sony Vaio laptop won’t hold a charge at all. Help?

My Sony Vaio laptop is 7 years old. 🙂 I’ve taken excellent care of it all this time, however it seems the battery has finally gone on me. I now have to keep my laptop plugged in on charge every second that it is in use. The moment I unplug the laptop, it dies. When I hover my mouse over the battery icon, it says 0 percent available, plugged in, charging – so it acknowledges that it’s plugged in but it won’t hold any charge. Is there anything I can do? Of course eventually I’ll need to replace the laptop – I know electronics aren’t meant to last forever – but I’m the type of person to hold on to things until the very end. 🙂 Thanks.

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  • Buy a replacement battery, they’re not too expensive.

  • We’ll go on eBay the battery is under$20

  • The simplest thing to do is replace the battery. Even if your model laptop doesn’t have a removable battery, there isn’t much you can’t do without a set of small screwdrivers, a little bit of determination and patience. Being able to follow written instructions goes a long way too. Most online tutorials include pictures, which is very helpful.

    Do a Google search for your model laptop battery replacement. Hopefully, will be one of the results. typically has excellent tutorials.

  • Replace the battery, because as soon as the battery is completely shot, your computer won’t even turn on…

    You can go into bios and choose the power adapter instead of the battery but that’s not the best idea.

    That laptop will last you a lifetime and longer if you take care of it, clean the fan, buy an intercooler, don’t set it on soft surfaces, and keep the system clean from malware, also avoiding hard shutdowns

    Batteries don’t last forever, a laptop battery is just 6 powerful batteries connected and concealed, as you know all batteries die… but laptop batteries are rechargeable ones and have a limited cycle of being fully charged and drained until they can’t be recharged no more… try not to constantly keep it plugged it, when the battery hits full capacity it don’t have resistors or capacitors so it constantly try’s to keep charging what is already charged , draining the life span of the battery

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