My tongue still has a dent in it from my tongue piercing?

Okay, well I got my tongue pierced 9 months ago. It necer got infected or anything bad, nor does it ever hurt. But where the barbel sits it leaves a dent in my tongue. I was wondering how to get rid of it? Should I take it out for awhile and replace it with a longer one?.. If I do end up taking it out, how long shoul I leave it out for? I mean like, after how long does it start to close?

2 Answers

  • The dent is's just from the ball sitting on your tongue for a long period of time. Changing it to a longer one won't matter, because the ball will still bee sitting on the tongue. You can't take a tongue piercing out for a while and put it back in. It's not like the ears. A tongue piercing will heal within hours of you taking it out. Once you remove you tongue piercing, the dent will eventually disappear, but as long as you have the tongue piercing, you will have the dent.

  • I had that, and that i even have been given this gross white ulcer element on the backside of my tongue the place the bar went by. It is going away, the dent takes a sprint longer nevertheless. the main important element with a tongue piercing nevertheless, is make certain you do not chip your tooth!!! I had to take mine out reason my tooth are not reliable and that i chipped a number of my back tooth in my sleep 🙁

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