My younger sister walks bottomless in home.?

me 22 and my sister is 20, she is very arrogant and for what i dont know. main problem is that she dont wear anything in bottom and i cant allow to my friends to came in my home. many times i argue with her but she feels anger and said i am over 18. my mom also argue with her but she dont listen to her. should i tell my dad? but he often lived outside the country.

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  • Yes and tell her she needs to respect others.

  • Bottomless At Home

  • When you say bottomless, do you mean like nothing at all or in her underwear?

    Yes, you really need to tell your dad, and talk to her her. Be firm with her and tell her she needs to grow up and she needs to be fully dressed. Tell her she might be over 18 but she still needs to respect others and their privacy. If she was so grown up she would know this and you wouldnt have to be telling her.

  • i think you should bring some of your female friends to your home in an attempt to “shame” your sister.

    make her feel ashamed and stuffs.

    tell/warn your friends that they are part of a plot/attempt and that your sister walk bottomless at home.

    bring your friends over often, your sister will either get the message or be to ashamed to walk bottomless anymore.

    if you don’t want to do that, ask your sister to wear some ankle length dresses or boxers.

  • Your sister is 20 and she wears nothing down below, shame on her !

    and tell your dad about it cause seriously that is not right for a 20 year old to do that

  • She is going to do what she wants… unless she knows that what she does will not affect your decisions to do what you want… invite your friends over, just warn them that they might get a free show. but warn her they are coming over. if she says they can t come over that she is exposed. tell her that it s her decision whether or not she wants to expose herself to your friends or not… that you cannot make that decision for her, only warn her that they will be there.

  • Just invite your friends over

    She’ll put on clothes when they show up

    And she’ll learn her lesson

  • open the curtains and make sure the lights are on and we can all see what all the fuss is about. lol

  • tell your dad bet you she will stop then

  • Show her this question.

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