Names for a girl?

I’m trying to decide on a name, I already have four but I’m open to suggestions. The three I have are Brynley, Valeria, Braxton, or Cassiopeia. I personally lean toward Cassiopeia or Braxton and if it matters her brother’s name is Mateo, pronounced Muh-tay-oh

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  • Cassiopeia and Mateo

  • Those are sad names , try Grace or Joy

  • they are disgusting

  • Brynley

    Braxton is a boys name.

  • Brynley or Valeria,Braxton not Cassiopeia, not. Mateo and Brynley, Mateo and Valeria, Mateo and Braxton, Muh-tay-oh and Braxton.

    Braxton also reminds me of Braxton-Hicks labor contractions, plus I think it is a bit manly sounding.

    Muh-tay-oh and Valeria or Muh-tay-oh and Brynley.

    So, I think Brynley (very pretty) goes better with Mateo.

  • VALERIA sounds like an STD.

    Cassiopeia is a Constellation. I guess you call her Cassie for short.

    Braxton- Braxton-Hicks, false labor pains LOL

    Matteo is nice. That is Italian for Matthew.

    Brynley is ok.

  • Cassiopeia.

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