NASCAR NATION : Can Anybody tell me who the tallest Nascar drivers are?

This one sport where it helps to be short ---I think ? I know Kahne and Gordan stand about 5' 5"---Kurt Busch looks like he's 6 foot---how tall are Stewert, Kyle B , Dale Jr. etc?

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  • Kahne and Stewart are both 5'9"

    Jeff Gordon is actually 5'7".

    Kurt is 5' 11", and Kyle is 6' 1"


    Waltrip (6' 5")

    E. Sadler (6' 2")

    Ky Busch (6' 1")

    Joey Logano (6' 1")

    Edwards (6' 1")

  • Mikey is the tallest and of active full time drivers i believe Mark Martin may be the shortest. Non full time drivers it is John Andretti. It does seem that the shorter drivers are more successful but past champions include Dale Jarrett and Benny Parsons. They were both big guys that were very successful in Nascar. So i do not believe size is a factor it is skill,knowledge, luck and the ability for your owner to get a decent crew chief for people to succeed.

  • Kyle Busch is 6'2 I think

    Michael Waltrip is the tallest I know of, 6'5

  • I think the tallest are Michael Waltrip and Boris Said. They're both over 6 feet.

  • I think Michael Waltrip is the tallest at about 6'-3"

  • Michael Waltrip is around 6-5

    Tony stewart is around 5-10

  • Mikey Waltrip and Elliott Sadler are pretty tall. I think Kyle's 6'2 or 6'3.

  • I think the tallest is Michael Waltrip.

  • Carl Edwards And Mikey Waltrip! And, there is a caution in lap 2.... Yikes! Later....

  • Gordon is actually 5'8 without shoes.

    Tony Stewart is 5'7 1/2 without shoes and 5'9 with shoes on.

    Kurt Busch is 5'11.

    Kyle Busch is about the same.

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