Need a great glue to fix broken interior car door handle?

It’s a plastic material and the glue will need to be able to withstand normal wear and tear from opening door.

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  • Your best bet is going to be an epoxy.

  • So here is the best solution. Buy a new handle especially if it’s a car in yhe 90!s. Why, well because it’s not very hard to replace it and you are able to keep the same lock. If you want to try super glue, it’s a waste of time. Best possible solution that isn’t expensive is epoxy, and a good brand one. I bought a door handle frim a junk yard for 40 dollars. I also bought few different glues and 3poxy just to give it a try. I spent 20 dollars on all that and was pretty much waste of time and energy. My last application was epoxy mix and that seems to be working and before I replace it with the new door handle I want to keep this and see how long it will last. Keep in mind, it’s not about if it going to break, it’s about how long it will take take to break. So before tou spend money and days of waiting for glue to dry, just spend fee dollars more and fix the problem for good. Hope this helps

  • Plastic Door Handle

  • What I use is IPS Weld-on #16 clear thickened cement for acrylic sheet. It welds plastic together. The repair will be as strong as the original part. I have repaired door handles with it and plastic mirror housings. You need to use care to put this cement only where you want it to work and not get sloppy. Whatever you cement with it becomes one solid piece. If you have a Tap Plastics store near you, they sell it, otherwise contact IPS Corporation. P.O. Box 379, Gardena, California 90248. You might try these folks too if you need to buy the door handle new: I’ve gotten good service from them.

    The handle I fixed, I swapped to the back door and put a new one on front. The front driver’s side handle gets the most use, doesn’t it.

  • there are ways you can repair door handle broken s on the interior the best way is to use a Glue Guns & Heat Gun to heat the glue up you well be able to fix the handle that way

  • If the plastic is thermoplastic, any glue that will melt it enough to weld the two pieces will work. If it’s thermosetting, nothing you use will be strong enough.

  • Having “been there, done that” I can tell you that nothing that you try will last for very long. Replace the handle.

  • I honestly dont think that you will find one that will last, you could try araldite.

  • this here will do it

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