Need help with playing this game on PCSX2?

Hey I really need help, please!

Anyway I have downloaded PCSX2, I have the normal plugins, and i have bios from japan, europe and USA.

I have the .img file for Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix

Does anybody know how I can play this because whenever I try I get a red screen on the PCSX2 saying please insert a playstion or playstation 2 format disc. Even help as to burning it onto a disc

Much obliged


2 Answers

  • I’m not certain if this will fix but no harm giving it a try.

    Since you didn’t include in your question if it’s version 0.9.7 or 0.9.6 I’ll just have to go by 0.9.7(recommended)

    Try setting your BIOS to japan if you haven’t done so yet.Go to Config>Plugin/Bios selector>Bios.

    Double click on japan and click OK.

    You can also set the rom to load directly from the Linuz CDVD plugin.Config>Plugin/Bios selector> Linuz CDVD configure>browse and search for your iso.You must have the Linuz CDVD plugin for this.

    Lastly,make sure that iso(or plugin) from the CDVD drop down list is marked.Off all speedhacks as well.Then Boot CDVD (fast).

    PS:Get the latest version 0.9.7 with plugins and bios configured go to their main site>click download>Public beta and get the full installer.

    Hope that this will work for you 🙂

    PS:Make sure you own the games as downloading is illegal and I DO NOT support ^_^

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