Need some relationship advice?

I fell in love with a guy who used to take immense care of me ..also he clearly about my boyfriend whom i didnt leave while i was with him because i couldnt tel him that i have fallen for someone else.

So earlier he had no problem with it. Later he started having problem and he never discussed it with me so he kept on getting upset and i didnt know what was happening.

Then i broke up with both of the guys. but i loved him(the new one) alot. He came back to me. And for just one week it was all the same. The care the love etc. Then it again started vanishing.

Now i m just tired of trying to make things the same because clearly he doesnt want me. It seems so. When he is with me he is very cold. When i cry he doesnt care even when he is sitting beside me. I have changed myself so much just so that he is happy he needed space i stopped complaining about not being together when we could.

All in vain.

He calls me dumb. He makes fun of me. He dislikes things i like. He appreciate other girls in front of me.

I cant hold the rejection but also i cannot leave him because we live at the same place and i get to see him everyday that makes things worse bring back all the memories.

I need advice. Please help me out.

1 Answer

  • It sounds like he doesn’t deserve you. You don’t need him in your life, is it possible to get away from him? I would seriously think about leaving him, you will end up happier without him. It’s going to be difficult either way and the longer you leave it the harder it will be to make a decision. Maybe talk to him about how you feel?

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