Netflix’s recommendation feature attempts to close the _____ gap.

1Q.Netflix's recommendation feature attempts to close the _____ gap.

A. service.

B. communication.

C. knowledge.

D. standards.

E. delivery

2Q.By ensuring that the website is always available, Netflix closes the ________ gap.

A. delivery.

B. expectations

C. communication

D. knowledge

E. standards

3Q. Netflix resolves problems quickly in order to?

A. retain customers' loyalty.

B. increase its tangibles.

C. be efficient.

D. minimize the issue.

4Q. Netflix makes it a point to inform its members that infrequent monthly DVD renters will receive priority over in-demand videos. By doing this, Netflix is closing the?

A. communications gap.

B. standards gap.

C. service gap.

D. knowledge gap.

E. delivery gap.


Standard gap is the gap between the perception of the customers and theperception of the firm about the standards of the serv

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