New Apple Podcasts app keeps trying to sync with “Bookkeeper” and won’t burn to CDs anymore?

I recently upgraded my Mac to Catalina and man do I regret it. Part of the upgrade is they took away Itunes and replaced it with Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcasts. Ever since then whenever I open the Podcasts app it keeps asking for my Apple password because it's trying to sync with something called Bookkeeper, but no matter what password you put in it does not take it. I've tried changing my password, unchecking all the automatic sync options, etc and still it constantly pops up while the app is open. 

Also how the heck do you burn podcasts to a CD now? I drive an hour each day to and from work, and I like to burn podcasts onto CD so I can listen to them in the car (my stereo is not set up for any kind of streaming and I'm not going to use my phone and drain the battery). If it can't be done is there some sort of 3rd party software I can use?

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