Nobis 9 ” tablet wont go past go?

I just got a Nobis 9 in internet tablet. Now it wont go passed the GO page when you first turn it on. HOw do I fix this i tried to reset it.

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  • You need to do a factory reset .

    Press gently the “reset pin-hole” present generally on a side of Tablet. Use a clip-pin or similarly fine thing to gently push inside to reset your device to factory settings.

    That should reset to factory original condition.

  • Maybe to late a reply for some, I’m not a technician. After searching the net I began to loose hope as the only solution was to send it back to Nobis. For my location and what I paid for it wasn’t worth the hassle. I “had” the same problem with mine as it would: get stuck on GO screen; freeze in the middle of factory reset; sometimes not able to access recovery mode; stayed on loading 6 of 38……etc. Sometimes I would leave it on those screens for hours just to see if it would change. If the screen didn’t change I’d restart it soon as I saw it lit up I’d repeatedly click the vol – button no matter what screen I got (GO, upgrading or blank desktop) probably up to ten mins at times. I would still try a factory reset in between. I battled with my Nobis for a week and it worked for me. I should of rooted it first before I added all those apps which may have contributed to the problem in the first place. I think out of that 1GB RAM only 400 is probably available due to factory partitioning Sorry if this doesn’t help just wanted to share because I was ready to throw mine away and now it’s working like a dream.

  • My Nobis is now doing this despite my vigilence to remove all the automatic updates and transfer all the apps I can to the other part of the partitioned storage space. The tablet refers to this space as SD card but I have not installed one. Just hit the ‘move to SD card button’ and the app will move, freeing up the limited part.

    So my question is: will resetting my Nobis lose my game status, downloads and other stuff on my tablet? If it does, I might as well go buy a decent tablet.

  • I have one. It worked great for a couple of months and then it crashed saying the HDMI switch wasn’t working. It wouldn’t go past *GO* after that. I defense of the Nobis, I probably caused this problem by

    trying to install a GPS app called You Are Here which the store said was not for this O/S. I got it installed but it stopped working soon after that. I had a micros GPS thumb drive plugged in and the driver software for it also installed and it was actually able to give the GPS position though I wasn’t able to get it to interface with the Be On-Road GPS navigation program. I suspect this bit of self-tweaking caused a problem with the HDMI switch which malfunctioned probably via software drivers that got corrupted.

    I fixed it thusly:

    1) Hold down the volume(-) side of the volume button at the same time as holding down the ON/OFF button.

    2) Hold them until you see the white Nobis screen.

    3) Keep holding them both down until that screen goes away.

    4) Then the screen will be dark for about five to ten seconds and then

    5) The reset options text screen will come on – green android looking text.

    RELEASE BOTH BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There will be a list of options. Select the factory reset option by scrolling down

    the list using the volume(+) side of the volume button. When you get the

    factory reset option highlighted by doing that then select it by pressing the

    power button once.

    Set the device down and walk away. Come back in about ten minutes

    and it should then be booted up. Don’t have your wi-fi connection available at this

    time as it might just connect and start downloading all the updates which

    updates will fill up the paltry internal app memory space and crash it and

    cause it to go into the stuck on go screen.

    When it gets all booted up go to settings-apps and choose those you don’t want

    or don’t think you’ll ever use and disable those you can and uninstall

    those you can. If you have a microSD card inserted into the slot in

    the back there are some apps you can download and transfer to the

    microSD card to free up some app memory space. This Nobis only

    has about 600 some odd megabytes of app space partitioned on the

    internal SD card (solid state hard drive) and the partition cannot be

    enlarged thus one is stuck with limited app space. The problem

    seems to be that just the updates of the 39 native apps overfill the

    app partition and it can’t boot because it’s out of space.

    Pay close attention to NOT FILLING up thispartitioned space and you will

    be fine. Check its status under the Storage option in Settings.

    You can go to the APP store once connected to wi-fi and select in settings

    there the option to NOT AUTOMATICALLY download and install updates

    so you will be able to have control over those you wish to update.

    I hope this helps.

  • I bought one of these last year and ran into the same problem. The factory reset worked no problem but then my son cracked the screen so luckily I had the warranty and could exchange it. Now my new one that I have had for 85 days is not booting up. I have done the factory reset trick and everything. If it does get past the GO screen it gets stuck on updating 1 of 39. I even left it uploading all night and when I woke up it was on the same number. Now it just won’t get past the GO screen. I have called the manufacturer since the manufacturer warranty is still good and left a message but no call back. This is very frustrating.

  • This is just not working for me, I’ve tried a soft reset/pin-hole on the back of tablet and still can’t get it to factory reset, have been trying for days. First I have to get into the system to change the language back to english, after doing so then the tablet wanted to set-up the internet, the touch screen voice activated system will not allow regular swipe, and I had to repeatedly press down hard and repeatedly in order to get the keyboard to work and both the shift key and the delete buttons were not working properly. Maybe I should return it, if maybe I had a manual for it I might be able to reset and deactivate the touch screen speech.

  • I had the same problem with my tablet and it was a pain trying to factory reset kept freezing I connected to laptop and it wasn’t reading it then I pressed the power button and up volume at the same time all of a sudden my laptop was reading the tablet it was by accident but when I started it in about 5 minutes it started using it now to do this hope this helps

  • I tried to reset my Nobis 9″ tablet, I used factory reset but it did not work and I try pin reset and it is not working yet. What should I do next?

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  • I tried to reset my Nobis 9″ tablet, I used factory reset but it did not work and I try pin reset and it is not working yet.

  • Actually like all Android tablets, you have to hold the down volume and power button until the NOBIS screen lights up, then let go. Then go to the Wipe Data selection, press Power, then select Yes. If it works and comes back to the same menu, select reboot. After a few minutes at the Go screen, if you are lucky, it will work again.

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