non-examples,characteristics of heat and temperature?

i have this homework for science and it sis due Monday (which is in due in 2 days) and i have a few questions for you. i need your help cause i am so confused with the who;le energy concept of things so yeah i neeed to know what are non-examples of heat and temperAture and what are some characteristics of Heat and temperature as well

i would really appreciate your assistance in this matter asap cause i really need help now



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  • 1) what do you mean "non -examples"

    2) energy is something in the physical world. we cannot see fell hear touch etc

    but it had different forms: work = pushing or pulling a distance, lifting, moving, heat, light sound electricity, . it is best understood by giving examples of the different forms.

    it is an idea that is only about 400 years old in physics

    It does NOT mean excitement, as "the football crowd had a lot of energy after the big game"

    I like to say it is what ever it is, that allows physical change to happen

    3) temperature is what we feel as hot or cold and is a measure of average heat energy of a material.

    a candle that is not burning has energy locked in the form of the chemical of the wax

    when it burns the chemical energy is released as light and heat. the falme has a high temperature. if you hold a small cup of water above the candle the heat goes into the water as more and more heat goes into the water the temeprature of the water increases. when it boils the heat causes the water to evaporate or turninto an invisible vapor. strangle the water does NOT get any hotter, it just boils more

    when the hot water is taken from the flame, it begins to cool off till it is room temperature again

  • Temperature, competently, is an amount, a quantity (with units similar to Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin). Heat is a style of vigour, the applying of so that they can carry the temperature.

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