Non whites would save their own. BUT, if a white had to choose between a white and non white to save, which one would they choose?

Assuming gender, age etc. are the same.

11 Answers

  • My kid.

  • Some white people would have helped non whites but others may not. It depends how they were brought up.

  • Well first of all, that’s a tough situation. I’m assuming the one you’re closer to.That decision really shouldn’t be based off ethnicity. NO decision should be.

  • I would save whichever one had the higher career earnings potential.

    Unless one of them was a female with a big rack.

  • What if a black had to choose between a black and a non-black?

  • Why do you spend so much of your day playing pretend?

  • If the white person is a U.S. citizen with any brains, then the person to save would be the Hispanic foreigner. Because if there are only non-Hispanic white U.S. citizens, then there is no one to grow and harvest food, so they all starve. But if a Hispanic foreigner is saved, then there is someone to work on the farm, so the white U.S. citizen can eat.

  • let them both die

    all humans are mongrels

    you have outlived your usefulness

  • Shut up @sshole. Quit obsessing on race. You sound like a fvcking liberal.

  • Shocking someone named thetruthisracist spews nothing but bullsh*t

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