Nose Ring too small for hole?

Ok, I got my nose pierced a few days ago and have some questions..

First of all, the stud seems to be “sinking” into the pierced hole, is this normal? Or is the stud too small? Should I keep pushing it out to make sure the skin doesnt grow around it?

Second, The bar thing keeps hanging out the bottom of my nose, can I do anything to fix it?

Third..What kind of stud do you reccomend? I am looking for one that wont hang out the bottom, and is somewhat easy to put in and wont fall out.

Thanks in advance!

4 Answers

  • your fine….this happened to me when i got mine done…just keep pushing it out, and keep cleaning it. Its still healing. And there is really nothing you can do about the bar hanging out but twirl it around and keep stickin it up that happened to me to cept i went back and thought they 4got to cut if off or something and they just said it will stick out, but eventaully your nose will get used to having metal stuck it and it will conform better to your nose. I like the nose screws better than the posts because i think the posts fall out easier, and i like to pick my nose once in awhile and its hard to do with a stud.

  • Well it seems as if your ring is too small….i wouldn’t suggest you keep pushing it out because it may get infected, i think you should go back to where you got it done at and get a new ring asap, u could just go for a bigger stud they look like ear rings or you could get the one that curves under that doesn’t have a back to it…….

  • or maybe your nose is too big for the piercing

  • if its sinking go talk to the piercer or something

    that is not good

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