nosotros / no quedar / dinero / comprar regalos?

And logical form correct sentences from the given elements. Make the necessary changes.

Also need help with

Margarita / molestar / estudiar en verano

Thank you in ADVANCE!!!!

2 Answers

  • Hey! Ok the fisrt one is:

    No nos queda dinero para comprar regalos.

    or you can also say.

    A nosotros no nos queda dinero para comprar regalos.

    And the second one is:

    A Margarita le molesta estudiar en verano.

    I'm a spanish native speaker so, don't worry they're correct.

    Hope i could help you.

  • As in..."Do my homework for me? "

    The words are already in order...just put them in the right forms, and add things like a, el/la, para, etc.

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