Not showing up to an interview ?

Just curious guys what happens if you don’t show up to a scheduled job interview? Does the company go to other companies and tell them this is what you for them to be forewarned etc. or is just preety much just the company and all other stores? thanks for all answers.

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  • When someone does not show up for a scheduled job interview, we just move on to the next person  We do not waste company time by calling other companies…competitors, associates or neither to tell them to watch out for so and so.

    It is a useless and vindictive exercise that will leave you backed up on your important work to do.

    A person who does not show up is a loser…and they have just saved us time by showing that before the interview.

  • They just cancel the interview.  You can try to re-schedule, but do not count on success unless you have a good excuse like say you were in an accident.  No they will not pass info about you to others.

  • What the hell do you think happens?  Find a 9 year old and ask.

  • I’m sorry it’s funny how you think people actually have time to gossip about a person who no showed one appointment. But keep doing it enough times I’m pretty sure you could possibly get black listed. Meaning they do what you just said. But I wouldn’t worry about. Just call them ahead of time and tell them you want to cancel the interview. It could get super awkward though as I once had to pick between two grocery stores from the same franchise, just different owners. It was super awkward when I call the one who offered me part time for the other store location who offered me full time. But you’ll get over it. Ar least I did. Somewhat. Ever since that day I have been actively trying to avoid going in to that grocery store because of how awkward it was

  • How would any place you got an interview at know what OTHER places you’d applied to?  There’s no network between companies like that–they don’t know who you apply to and maybe not even how to contact them and wouldn’t care to try. They’ll simply toss your application in the trash and go on to the next candidate. 

  • Failing to show up for a job interview is a cardinal sin. You have most likely burned your bridges at that company. Not saying it can’t happen, but companies sharing negative information about a job candidate would open them up to a lawsuit.

  • What an effort that would be, hours spent telling everyone you were a no show.

    Sunshine, no one is bothered, they go on to the next candidate.

  • You’re marked within their system as a no show.  Information is not shared between companies unless they are part of the same corporate structure sharing candidate information.

  • Some companies do, but mostly informal.

  • Yes they do. They also probably won’t hire you in the future so I would highly advise against doing that.

  • Just the company and all their stores. 

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