“Now I know what a TV dinner feels like” – I don’t get it?

It’s what John Mclane says in Die Hard when he crawling through the air vents… I don’t get it? could someone explain it for me.

and I know it’s probably very ovbious and I’m just thinking about it the wrong way.


thanks for the replies, I understand it now 🙂

I didn’t really know about TV dinners in aliminium boxes because they’ve never really been big in Australia (or at last since Iv’e been alive)

4 Answers

  • You cook a TV dinner in a microwave, which is a bit like being blown with hot air.

    There’s hot air in the vent, and as it blows over him, he feels like he’s being cooked in a microwave.

    He could have said poached fish, or stewed beef instead, but visually, a TV dinner works best.

  • When TV dinners were invented by Birdseye, they came in compartmented aluminum trays that were wrapped in aluminum foil. As John McClane was crawling through the aluminum duct work, he remarked that he, too, was wrapped in aluminum, like an old-fashioned TV dinner.

    BTW, that character is named Joe Leland in the source book “Nothing Lasts Forever”. Nobody’s sure how his named was changed!

  • because it’s crammed tightly inside an aluminum-type box (at least, tv dinners used to be). he’s crammed tightly inside a metal box.

  • he is cramped in a airvent, over heating cooking like a tv dinner in a microwave

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