number poem examples?

Like a special date, lucky number, etc.

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  • A terse poem on numbers – Kevin Halls

    Numbers are everywhere

    twenty four hours in a day

    seven days in one week

    thirty one in the month of May.

    A number on your front door

    and on houses down your road

    numbers on your credit card

    and also of your postal code.

    Numbers called out at Bingo

    two fat ladies are number eight

    and if your numbers come up

    you’ll go home feeling great.

    Would you like a cup of tea?

    one or two sugars in your cup?

    sorry but I have to go now

    that’s the end time is up!


    Lucky number 13 – by Kelleyana

    Acute power or a mystical virtue?

    Not daring to venture further

    Became superstitious by token and sign,

    Leaving the most positive meanings behind

    Ends with a 3 that reminds me of the trinity

    A belief that kept within

    All good things comes in double,

    You’re not alone just behind 1

    Together you became 13 an age in certain

    Tradition when a boy became a man

    Among the many numbers

    People pretends you came out the worst

    even saying that you are a curse

    But besides all others, you came first

    Ignorance do hurts,

    So they put you behind as a negative sign

    Thinking of you makes me enjoy

    The intricacies of mental calculates

    A million seconds in 13 days,

    13 stripes for thirteen states

    A Friday 13 in every year

    Again let me be a bit humoristic

    Since I’m in love with mathematics

    For those who calculates well,

    Come let me play with your head

    Close your eyes using the power of your mind

    Pick and choose which power hidden inside you

    The clock strike 13 hours, the mind reminds

    us that it’s 1 ‘o’ clock,

    infact we’re back at the starting block

    Since things became a mystery we tend

    Not to go beyond our senses

    13 is a number that all human share

    The 13 major joints in our body

    13 lunar cycles in a solar year

    And the moon travels 13 degrees across the sky everyday

    Making things works in a mysterious way.


  • Number Poems Examples


    I will miss the memories made As each day passes by, they fade. Though never enough to be completely erased and forgotten. Only the ones that were truly rotten. I love memories. They belong to me in time. Summertime is prime. ————————————–… ok, I did my best in a few minutes time~ hope it helps~ gl

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