Nyko wii charger question about the blue lights?


I have had this thing for a while but I noticed the two different lights that are popping up. I know that soild green means its good to go. However, today when I placed to of them in one is a solid blue color the other is a blinking blue.. not sure what either means.. thanks ahead of time

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  • The blue light means that the remote is charging but not fully charged; however, sometimes the light will turn green before the remote is done charging, so I’d recommend taking it out and putting it back in every now and then if the Wii remote doesn’t show full batteries. As for the blinking blue light, I think the charger just has a bad connection. The manual for the charger says nothing about a blinking blue light, but it has happened to me a few times. Occasionally the charger doesn’t make good contact with the back of the remote and will start and stop charging, causing the blue light to turn on and off like it’s blinking. This is usually fixed by adjusting the remote in the charger or giving it a little bump.

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  • Was wondering the same question

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