Oceans Twelve – riddle with matsui?

In Ocean's 12, what do the riddles mean when they go to the cafe to meet with matsui?

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  • they don't mean anything. Matsui, and the brad pitt and george clooney were doing it to screw with the matt damon character. This is revealed at the end when damon is in the car talking to his mom.

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  • Rusty says "A doctor who specializes in skin diseases will dream he has fallen asleep in front of the television. Later he will wake up in front of the television, but not remember his dream."

    Basically what he is saying to Matsui is that the most important part of the plan is to create the illusion that The Night Fox is in control- allow the night fox to 'Fall asleep in front of he TV' or in other words believe he is in control. To play his ego. Rusty knows that he is in contact with The Night Fox. Rusty has worked with Matsui before in the 'Bulgary case.' So he allows The Night Fox to steal the documents first.

    Then Danny says "If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery (if they were all able to maintain this illusion and make the Night Fox's ego take over) then thanksgiving and Halloween would fall on the same day"

    (the thieves dressed in various costumes being arrested 'Halloween'='Thanksgiving' their exit strategy and their victory).

    Then Matsui, who knows the Night Fox, agrees by saying "When I was four, I watched my mother kill a spider with a teacosey. Years later, I realised it was not a spider- it was my uncle Howard."

    This is Matsui telling them that The Night Fox is thought to be in control. He is enemy #1 to the police and his ego has lost control. The Night Fox thinks he is the best out there. Now Matsui realizes that The Night Fox doesn't call his own shots. His skill is a reflection on what LeMorgue has taught him. (If they give LeMorgue what he wants (his daughter) then they will have their victory.) They know LeMorgue will help them because Telure has betrayed fellow theives due to his ego. Nobody breaks rule #1. So helping them is his apology. LeMorgue says in one of the last scenes that they will have to put on an elaborate show 'Halloween'. but he is "still getting the better" out of them. This brings me to his daughter.

  • That's right, they were playing a gag on him. Linus' mom called the gag "lost in translation." Linus' response he tried were the lyrics from Led Zeppelin's Kashmir, "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams. I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been."

  • Vegas.

  • Meaningless.

    They were just messing with Matt.

  • they were messing with him. i did that to one of my friends lol

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