Of these teams, who do you think has the best team on paper, The Texans, The Chiefs, The Bengals, or The Dolphins?

14 Answers

  • Chiefs

  • I would go with the Bengals. They have been solid for years. It will depend on the success of first round pick John Ross and a better running game. Defense is pretty solid.

  • I like the Texans. They have the best defense of all these teams. In fact, the only thing they were really missing was a quarterback, and they addressed that need in the Draft. If DeShaun Watson is the real deal, the Texans will win multiple Super Bowl Championships in the near future.

  • Dolphins

  • The Chiefs.

    The question is whether or not they can actually win a postseason game rather than going full retard at the worst possible time.

  • The Chiefs

  • Up until the last season, I thought that CIN, and DET, had the best teams on paper.

  • KC

  • Chiefs

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