Oil leak bmw?

I have a 2011 bmw 320d , after long journey today there was smoke from manifold and a smell of oil. I changed oil two weeks ago and did spill a bit but it should be well cleared now. At back of engine there seems to be some oil,  it doesn’t look fresh . Any suggestions thanks 

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  • If you’re a DIY kind of person, just crawl underneath, remove the underguard/cover, clean the affected area with some Brakleen (line your garage floor with a tarp beforehand). And keep an eye on it to zero in on the source of the leak. That’s exactly what I’m doing now on mine.

  • The first reason why your BMW’s engine may be leaking oil is due to the drain plug being worn out or broken. The drain plug is located on the underside of your BMW. The drain plug is where the engine oil is removed from the vehicle in order for the oil to be replaced with new oil.

  • Get a can of GUNK ORIGINAL ORANGE engine cleaner and HAVE AT IT! IT MAY not be a LEAK at all and it is IMPORTAN T that you use ONLY LONG LIFE,LL-02 oil in that engine and NOT Valvoline or other JUNK WAX based oils! The use of PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO may even FIX the leaks as it is made from NATURAL GAS and CLEANS the SEALS and GASKETS on it’s way through the ENGINE! Use AMSOIL POWER FOAM to clean your THROTTLE BODY on BOTH sides of the THROTTLE PLATES! REALIZE that your FOOT is NOT a “GAS” pedal, but only an “AIR” pedal and that  it ONLY opens the THROTTLE BODY DOORWAY to allow MORE or LESS air into the engine!  This is true of ALL INJECTED engines!{ENZOIL gives a warranty out to 500,000 MILES! NOONE can OUT DO that one! OTHER OILS are LIQUI MOLY<EXCELLENT German made oil! RAVENOL, TOTAL ENERGY OI , AMSOIL but NEVER any WAX BASED oils! You have VANOS valve adjustment features in there! IT can BREAK DOWN from the WRONG OIL alone! POWER WASH the engien bay CLEAN with GUNK ORANGE original! AND focus on the RADIATOR space BEHIND it where LEAVES< TWIGS< Dead GHRASS, BUGS, and ANIMAL NESTING material have collected for YEARS! Do this with engien WARM and since it is a DIESEL< do this with the engien RUNNING as there is NO ignition issues! There is NOTHING under the hood that is VULNERABLE to POWER WASHING!>>FOR GOS SAKES never use ROYAL PURPLE either! You are HEADED for BIG TROUBLES! LONG LIFE ll-02 is THE only oil you can SAFELY USE to protect the SEALS and GASKETS from deterioration! AND ONLY USE GENUIEN BMW fluids and COOL:ANT and if your BRAKE FLUID is DARK BROWN it is a DEAD ESTER FLUID and you should have it FLUSHED and FILLED at ANY EURIOPEAN repair shop with FRESH ATE GIRLING or PENTOSIN brake fluid! ALSO change the TRAnS FLUID! SOME euro car actually have DRAIN PLUGS on the TORQUE CONVERTERS and ZF supplies the TRANNIES for most EURO CARS! CONTACTBLAUPARTS and PELIOCAN parts and 1-800 ALL-EURO for more advice! BUT START with a FULL ENGINE BAY CLEANING with GUNK orange! 

  • Take it to a good BMW mechanic. It’s a nightmare job to replace valve cover gaskets on that motor and after doing one I’ll never mess with it again.

  • Leak is likely from a bad valve cover gasket, timing chain cover or bad injector seals. Give the engine a thorough cleaning and find the leak.

  • good on ya piss oil all over the road. Where is it leaking from? when you service the car do you inspect the suspension and brakes?

  • Suggestion is to find the oil leak and fix it – probably a valve gasket follow the drip to the highest point and go from there.

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