On average, How much do High School Varsity Jackets cost?

I was wondering how much the jackets were…since I’m playing varsity basketball next year(11th grade) and will be getting my letter at the end of the season. Probably get to wear it senior year! 🙂 How much do they cost? and Usually, How much are like the pictures on the back and other stuff?..thanks!

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  • The jackets themselves with the symbol of what you’re lettering in are usually free, when you move on to the add on’s like mammogramed named on back and the patches you can spend anywhere from 80-200 bucks on pimping out your Letterman jackets. maybe this website will help: http://www.mountolympusawards.com/

  • Here are some cheap Letterman jackets to begin with http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?index=sporting&key…

    On average they run between $25-$40 which is a great deal but they won’t have your high school logo on it which is why they tend to be more expensive. If you’re able to get the logo yourself and sew it on, you’ll save a lot. Expect to pay over $75 for these jackets if purchased at the school.

  • You can always ask your parents to get it for you as a christmas gift. If they refuse, like my mom would do. I would compromise. Offer to do extra chores, help out around the house, etc. Whenever I ask my mom for something I give her subtle hints that lead up to what I want. But if you really want the jacket just ask your parents and see what they think. Who knows, they might just end up buying you the jacket. Considering your good grades and all. Also look around online. You might be able to find the same jacket cheaper.

  • I don’t know where people are getting free jackets, but all the ones I’ve seen range in the $170-$300 range. Ouch!

  • I’m getting mine for free, I’m not sure if it’s my school district but we get a free letterman if we’re in a a club for four years, such as soccer, football, band or in my case, orchestra.

  • Eighty.

  • The letter you earn=free. up to 500 bucks

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