Other sites like Yahoo Answers?

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  • quora is like yahoo have good reputation on google

  • Quora.com, answers.com

  • There are a number of sites where you can ask question and get answers from people online. Yahoo answer is one of the popular Q&A sites that is followed by millions of people. Other than Yahoo answers, here’s a list of some websites that also follow question & answer format.





  • Blurtit

  • Hello dear,, here is the list of question answers sites like Yahoo

    1. Quora

    2. Ardvark

    3. Answerbag

    4. Answers

    5. Wikianswers

    6. Blurtit

    7. Mahalo answers

    8. formspring.me

    9. Allexperts

  • Ask

  • Quora

  • Reddit, but the people there are bitches.

  • StackExchange

  • can’;t thank of one.

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