Other ways of spelling?

Can you think of any other ways to spell Cheyanne?

How about Hunter? (probably not….I certainly can’t think of any other ways to spell it…)


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  • I have always spelled it like Cheyenne….Cheyenn or Cheyann is pretty too. And for Hunter, hmm that’s a toughie….maybe Huntyr? I don’t know that’s hard!

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    I love this name, it’s really CUTE! I think that Kaylee is the traditional way.. it’s a newer name so I am not sure if it has an absolute way of spelling it since the IN thing now unfortunately is to use ‘creative’ spellings for names so I am sure this name is spelled differently all over. I would shy away from the leigh ending b/c that’s very trendy and I personally don’t like it. It’s seems to be IN to take names that have an EY ending like Hailey and change it to Haileigh. I think it looks a bit too much. I’d stick with either Kailey or Cailey which I personally think looks better than the EE endibng. 🙂

  • My girlfriend’s name is Chayanne

  • Cheyanne, Cheyenne, Shyann, Shyanne, Shianne, Shiann

  • Hunter could be Huntor or Huntur, and Cheyanne could be Cheyenne or Cheyane hope it helps

  • Shyanne, Shea-Ann, Shea-Anne, Shayanne, Chayenne, Cheyann, Cheyenne, Cheyenn..

    Huntyr, Hunterh, Hunnter, Huunter, Huntter, Hhunter, Hyuntyrh.

    However, don’t spell Hunter different, please.. Hunter looks awful spelled any other way and I much prefer Cheyenne, Cheyanne, Shyanne, Shayanne, Shaeanne, and Shea-Ann(e)

  • Cheyenne



    I think Cheyenne is the traditional and nicest way to spell it

    Other then names like “Huntah” or “Huntyr” which don’t look like proper names I don’t know any other ways to spell Hunter

  • Cheyanne-





    I don’t think their are of any other ways to spell that.

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