Ouran high school host club chapter 85?

Does anybody know where i could find the 60 page bonus chapter for ouran high school host club? Links please please please

2 Answers

  • I tried about half a dozen websites. The best ones are:


    Most of the links on that website are teasers or videos, so you could always try:


    And I didn’t exactly check it, but it seems pretty much like the actual extra part

    You have to register to read the more reliable one:


    And I don’t think this one has it, but it’s worth a shot:


    Hope you find a good one that works!

  • It is going fairly a great way after the anime:) For starters, the full Tamaki quitting the host club going returned to France with that female he’s engaged to…in no way got here approximately interior the manga. it is something the anime made up. there is 80 3 chapters and a looot happens. there is different issues and such, yet all that on the top of the anime does not take place. yet yeah it is going plenty extra, yet i do no longer choose for to ruin something only in case! yet yeah Haruhi and Tamaki finally end up at the same time…i do no longer think of it is a lot of a spoiler, reason it is kinda glaring and all, yet that doesn’t take place til in the direction of the top~ there is different issues that ensue to do with Tamaki and his grandmother and the twins liking Haruhi and the different host contributors and all….even though it maintains on plenty extra to a extra finished stable ending:) And different mangas you would be able to like:3 end result Basket, gents’s Alliance flow, Hoshi Wa Utau, particular A, finished Moon O Sagashite, Dengeki Daisy, Beast grasp, Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!, and happy Cafe (Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume)

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