what does National Hub mean on parcel force?

i sold a item to someone but they never paid me for it ive contacted parcel force to stop the item i had a police crime number to back this up, now when i try tracking the item on line it say’s the item is in National Hub. what does this mean ? 12 Answers … Read more

Hi. Where can I buy Pure Lanolin Oil in UK?

Please somebody suggest. I have tried few sites but all are from US and the shipping is more than the actual cost. Not interested in that really. thanks 3 Answers Check this http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords… Pure Lanolin Oil Lanolin For Sale

screws plugs and drill bits?

What are the recommended screw and drill bit sizes for the yellow, red and brown rawl plugs, in metric and imperial. How are screw sizes measured, eg 2 and half by 10. I think 10 is the head size and 2 and half the length, but how do you know which size plug for this.Is … Read more

is scrooge jewish?

why else would he hate christmas so much. 🙂 it’s called a sense of humor. wow people 🙂 12 Answers That’s really not very funny. Most Jews I know don’t hate Christmas – they just don’t give a rat’s *** about it. The notion that Jews hate all things Christian has been cited as an … Read more

What would be a good slogan for my pet sitting service?

I do pet sitting in my home for pooches, kitties, birds, you name it. 🙂 Pets are my passion so I opened up my home for boarding pets! If you think you have a better slogan please let me know. I also don’t charge what kennels do, i charge much less, almost half and they … Read more

Where can I purchase hindi mp3 songs online?

I mean “Purchase” and not download for free 11 Answers Here are some links: http://www.planetread.org/ http://jumps.freemusicconnection.com/index.html?re… http://music.pz10.com/?ref=adsense&gclid=CNHmrf2i7… http://topsearch10.com/search.php?aid=45935&said=2… This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I purchase hindi mp3 songs online? Buy Songs Online Hi, Answer: you can buy a very few songs at http://mp3.com/ and at most of them at http://hamaracd.com/ (which sends … Read more

Debenhams job application form?

My first job/application ever for a sales assistant and the form asks questions like: 1. How would you describe the perfect shopping and customer experience? 2. Describe a time when you have worked as part of a team and where you achieved a positive outcome. What was the key to your success? These may sound … Read more

Dose smoking marijuana effect the speed of hair growth?

Pot 9 Answers Yes! You idiot! Don’t smoke it at all! It smells so bad! What are the common side effects of marijuana use? Trouble remembering things Slowed reaction time Difficulty concentrating Sleepiness Anxiety Paranoia (feeling that people are “out to get you”) Altered time perception Red, bloodshot eyes Using marijuana for a long time … Read more

what is variance at completion?

3 Answers The short answer is that Variance at Completion is the difference between the Budget at Completion minus the Estimate at Completion. If that’s gobbledygook, let me see if this helps explain things a little better. The total amount budgeted for a project (the starting budget plus any interim adjustments) is the Budget at … Read more

What is a example of a person having spiritual pride?

7 Answers Those who say someone else is going to hell because they do not believe the same things which they do. Edit: Milah…. Pride (thinking you are better than someone else) is always sinful. In your example BOTH you and the attacker would have sinned. He for thinking his faith is better than yours, … Read more

Is the weather hot in Tunisia in November?

I am planning to go on holiday on November in Tunisia I’ve heard it’s hot still in November but not entirely sure, 8 Answers Is November a good time to visit Tunisia? The temperature drops into the realms of warm to mild in Tunisia’s Mediterranean resorts during November, and the frequency – but not the … Read more

Why is Jagermeister’s logo a deer with a cross between its antlers?

5 Answers the deer and cross on the bottle are the meaning of jagermeister. in german, jagermeister means ‘master hunter’. the deer is the main hunt and the cross stands for the hunter, “It is the hunter’s honor that he protects and preserves his game, hunts sportsmanlike, honors the Creator in his creatures.” Jagermeister Logo … Read more

Do the adarol energy pills do anything?

I don’t mean legit adderall but I saw some pills at a local head shop called adarol energy. I think they were made by Club 13 and I was just wondering if anyone had tried them before. 2 Answers i haven’t tried that energy pills you listed. but i have taken the legit Adderall + … Read more

name any 10 advantages of science in our daily life?

please give the answer in points 6 Answers 1. Faster communication (Cell phone, internet) 2. longer life span (medical advances) 3. more comfortable shoes 4. Better vaccinations to prevent illnesses 5. Electricity 6. Soda pop 7. better drain cleaners 8. More life-like movies with better special effects 9. eye glasses and contacts 10. whiter teeth … Read more

i heard that the girls from floetry were gay .is that true?

you know the ones who sing say yes and butterflys. 5 Answers It’s just a rumor. Neither one is gay. Natalie (The Floacist) got married sometime last year and I think Marsha (The Songstress) is still single. This Site Might Help You. RE: i heard that the girls from floetry were gay .is that true? … Read more

risk free rate in australia?

Hello, could somebody tell me how to find risk free rate in reserve bank of australia. 2 Answers http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/rates-bonds/gover… Risk Free Rate

Beowulf? Supernatural?

Im looking for information on Beowulf and the supernatural in the poem, particular in the depiction of Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the sea monsters as well as the dragon. 3 Answers One source that may be helpful for you is http://www.bookrags.com/essay-2005/12/4/212411/851 This is a discussion of the supernatural in both Beowulf and another work, the … Read more

give me a sample of certificate of employment?

13 Answers CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to certfy that Mr.Gabriel De Vera, resident of Aguilar,Pangasinan was employed by this construction firm as TIME KEEPER from april 2008 to December 2009. This certification is issued upon the request of Mr. De Vera for employment purposes. Issued this 19th of January … Read more

How many eyelashes do you lose a day? ?

I can never find an answer! I usually lose like 4-6 for both eyes not each a day when I take my makeup off and such. Is that normal lol? Also my hair sheds hardcore.. Long thick and blonde. 3 Answers My hair sheds too, but I lose like 1 eyelash a day…use Vaseline at … Read more

Should I block OffSpon.Exe from Microsoft’s Office?

I recently purchased a new pc. & as always it comes with Microsoft’s program trials. It has Microsoft’s Office Starter which is free with ads. But I have Comodo Firewall which is allowing Word to function but I guess is blocking the OffSpon.Exe which probably means Office Sponsors a.k.a ads. If I click on Block … Read more

SHORT horse quotes .. ?

I know you get a lot of these type of questions here, and I’ve noticed that on pretty much all the websites, the quotes are really long. There’s a girl at my stables, and I for her birthday I am going to edit a picture of her with her horse. She’s only 12, so, are … Read more