Who Declined Joining the New Avengers?!?!!? Please Answer!!!!!?

A) DareDevilB)Luke CageC)Captain America2 AnswersDaredevil declined because he didn’t want to tarnish the reputations of the others since his life went down the drain after he revealed his identity to the world. Captain America was the one that decided to form the New Avengers and Luke Cage was a member so it definitely wasn’t them.You’re … Read more

What’s the song that goes: “Oh Wa Oh, Oh Wa Oh”?

Its in the background of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0fE7yT966Q&feature… Its a song right? Like from the Eighties? Its killing because it sounds SOOOO familiar!Thanks you guys! Now I feel like a real idiot. I have "Video Killed the Radio Star" on my computer! facedesk9 AnswersBuggles – Video Killed The Radio StarAre you talking about Use Somebody … Read more

How to cook frozen hotdogs in the microwave?

How? how long? pierced??6 Answerswrap the frozen dog in a paper towel and nuke it on high until you hear the skin pop ( about 20/25 seconds in a 1100 W microwave for “natural casing ” dogs ) . Don’t pierce . Hotdogs are completely cooked so all you’re doing is heating them. We don’t … Read more

What is the oxidation state of each element?

What is the oxidation state of each element in Mn(CrO4)2?3 AnswersMn +4O -2 Cr+6CrO4 is the “chromate” ion and has a -2since there are 2 and the overall charge of Mn(CrO4)2 is zero.. Mn is +4O is -2 as it usually is… so Cr is +6Okay will perpetually be a +1, and oxygen will constantly … Read more

I don’t understand American Horror Story?

I just started watching it because so many people recommend it but I have no idea what’s going on…please explain? Thanks5 AnswersWhat is it that you don’t understand? As everyone has already explained, each season of the show is a different story, with different characters and settings, but with the same cast. Season 1 (Murder … Read more

What guitar tuning does Chevelle (the band) use?

I know that a large portion of their songs are in A# but my guitar won’t stay in tune long enough to play a whole song of theirs (plus it just sounds horrible). I’ve just learned “Sleep Apnea” because it’s in drop C# (easy to handle). Any other songs that aren’t tuned so damn low? … Read more

Which statement best describes an antacid?

a)An antacid increases the amount of hydrogen ionsb)An antacid neutralizes excess hydrogen ions.c)An antacid decreases the level of hydrogen ions.3 Answersc.It decreases the level, it can’t “know” when they are in excessAn Antacid Decreases the level of hydrogen ions.The correct answer is: An antacid neutralizes excess hydrogen ions.

How do I join my sim into the painting career-Sims 3?

My sim is artistic, and likes to paint. She had a wish that said "Join painter career " (this is ambitions by the way). I couldn’t find it, so I looked it up, and a lot of people are saying that you can sell the paintings for money or that there is only a sketch … Read more

How much is 2.1k on Instagram?

So if someone was like I have 2k that means they have 2000 followers right? And if someone says I have 2.1k does that mean 2100 or 21000? It confusing me! I’m asking this beacuse one of my accounts has 2134 followers and I need to know if I have 2k or 2.1k? Just a … Read more

What does “runs a half-size larger” mean in shoes?

I’m buying some converse and it says “runs a half-size larger” and I’m completely confused. One shoe has men 7/ women 9 but another shoe has men 9 1/2/ women 1/2. Am I supposed to get a bigger size or a lesser size or just keep it the same because I’m a 9 and a … Read more

Strong/ Weak Acids/Bases Question?

In aqueous solution, classify these compounds as strong acids, weak acids, strong bases, weak bases or other.HBrHNO3H3PO4CH3COOHHCNKOHBa(OH)2NH3(CH3)3NNaCl1 AnswerHBr == strong acidHNO3 == strong acidH3PO4 == weak acidCH3COOH == weak acidHCN == weak acidKOH == strong baseBa(OH)2 == strong baseNH3 == weak base (NH3 + HOH <==> NH4 + OH-)(CH3)3N == weak baseNaCl == salt

How many people or meals can one cow feed?

4 AnswersThe average weight of a beef cow is around 1650 lbs, which would yield 675 lbs of meat, however dairy cows are smaller at about 1200 lbs, yielding about 500 lbs of meat. This same dairy cow can give up to 20,000 lbs of milk per year If you ate an 8oz portion of … Read more

Was Kissin Kate barlow real?

Was Kissin KAte Barlow a real outlaw or person?19 AnswersnoKissin Kate BarlowSource(s): https://shrink.im/a9KEcKissin Kate Barlow was a fictional character from the book and movie Holes.kissin kate barlow was fiction but the book holes was based on a true story dont belive any one else im telling the truth and the girl based on kissin kate … Read more

What is “D Houston INC” charge on my bank statement?

I have a charge on my bank statement using my credit card and I can’t remember what it was for. It only says "D Houston INC" and this does not ring a bell.3 Answershow much is the charge for? look and see what the date was and think back to what you were doing on … Read more

Does anybody know the oxidation number of phosphorus in H2PO4-?

The hydrogen is throwing my a bit off because I don’t know what its oxidation number is, thus preventing me from figuring out what the oxidation number of phosphorus. 3 AnswersH has +1 charge.O has -2 charge.So….2(+1) + P + 4(-2) = -12 – 8 + P= -1P=+5+5H is +1PO4 is a polyatomic ion and … Read more


WHAT IS THIS GAME??????NOBODY NOT EVEN THE SEARCH ENGINE CAN FIND IT3 Answersif you get traffic to your site, search engines will index your webiste, and also it will take your keywords and give importance to your keyword. so traffic is the most important thing in internet,there are two things:1) one is traffic1) second is … Read more

How do I raise Leopard Gecko eggs without an incubator?

Bury them or what?5 AnswersWell if the Mama lays her eggs in her lay box in her cage, cover the whole and keep it in the side of the cage with the appropiate temerpature that the eggs should be incubated in. Make sure the geckos can’t get inside. If you didn’t have a lay box … Read more

MapleStory Frozen Tuna?

I’m working on my forever-beginner and I’m looking for a Frozen Tuna. Now I’ve read Seruf drops the level 10 FT, but that’s a common equip. I know the lvl 20 Beginner only comes from Gachapon, but which one?Thanks, CrashI DID try those sites. They didn’t help at all.Did some serious digging. It’s found at … Read more

What is 200 divided by 3?

Please answer this SOON.13 Answers200 divided by 3 is 66.66666667…….200/3 (200 “over” three)= 66.66666666666666666666667 (66.6-repeating. Since a 6 always follows the last 6 you write, that last 6 that you wrote is rounded up to a 7)66 2/3.200/3=66 2/3 or 66.6666666………200/3=66.6666666….766.66666666666667 or 66 and 2/3!66.667 or 66 2/366 & 2/3rds = 66.7 (to nearest 1 … Read more

How do you know that Helios’s cattle will be slain?

3 AnswersBecause it says so in the Odyssey. Both Teiresias in Book 11 and Circe in Book 12 warned Ulysses that the cattle on the island of Thrinacian belongs to Helios, and that if any of them are killed then Ulysses will lose his ship and his men. But both books 11 and 12 are … Read more

Has anyone tried Pineapple Super Fat-Melter for diet?

I recieved this offer by mail that Joann Metzger, has lost 43 pounds in 6 weeks by using the homemade pineapple jelly , has anyone tried it? if you have pleaseeee tell me how long you tried it for and how much you lost . anyone knows anything about it? pleaseeeeeeeeee i am desperate to … Read more


You know the part in Aquamarine where the mermaid girl dances with that guy Raymond at the Last Splash? Where… the two friends of the mermaid girl request a song to the band? and they dance? and he teaches her how to dance…HELP!!4 Answersisland in the sun by WeezerSource(s): http://artists.letssingit.com/weezer-lyrics-island… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqtDDoIfntY&mode=re…Aquamarine Soundtrack SongsSource(s): https://shrinke.im/a7WDfAquamarine [SOUNDTRACK] … Read more

Do wine coolers go bad?

My father has a bunch of wine coolers left over from some party he had 2 years ago (no idea why they been in the fridge that long) lol but the power went out for a day or two and came back on so basically they havent been cold the WHOLE time but I’m wondering … Read more

Who sings the song “Motoring” (commonly called “Sister Christian”)?

14 AnswersNight RangerIt’s not Twisted Sister. It’s one of my fav. songs from the 80’s.This Site Might Help You.RE:Who sings the song “Motoring” (commonly called “Sister Christian”)?Source(s): sings song motoring commonly called sister christian: https://shorturl.im/Ud5crWho Sings Sister ChristianSource(s): https://shrink.im/a8YRoThe Group was Night Ranger not Twisted Sister. The guys in Night Ranger were definitely better looking!!!!!!!Sister … Read more