What is the proper way to address an associate dean/professor?

Would it be Dean Smith? Associate Dean Smith? Professor Smith? Mr. Smith? Bill?Does the context matter? If it’s in a research paper? A formal letter? Email? Face-to-face conversation?10 AnswersUsing your examples….If its a Dean (even if Associate or Assistant Dean) the address would be Dean Smith. If the person does not have Dean responsibilities but … Read more

Barcelona – What did Messi´s shirt say when he scored against Madrid last Saturday?

3 AnswersIt says “FUERZA TIO”, which means “strength uncle”. The message was for his uncle, who has just lost his father. “He has been like a father to me, and I wanted to show him my support”, Messi said.Source(s): http://www.lionelmessi.org/ http://en.lionelmessi.org/index.php?itemid=382Uncle forceshttp://news.yahoo.com/photo/070310/ids_photos_sp/r…

Freezing point… help please?

Assuming equal concentrations, rank these aqueous solutions by their freezing point: SnBr4, Na2CO3, LiNO3, Li3PO4.I am confused, because I keep finding the ion particles, like Na2CO3 has 3, but I don’t know where SNBr4 comes into place. Can someone please help? Please explain your answers so I can follow you. Thank you!1 AnswerFor SnBr4, when … Read more

What comes next 7, 9, 13, 29?

1 AnswerTaking the differences of the numbers, I see2, 4, 16which is 2^(2^0), 2^(2^1), 2^(2^2)if that is the pattern, then the next difference could be 2^(2^3), which is 256. Making the next number ?.

An acid HX is 25% dissociated in water?

If the equilibrium concentration of HX is 0.42 M, calculate the Ka value for HX.Please show the steps to get the answer.1 Answer1 liter of 0.42 M HX = 0.42 mole HXdissociated = 25%in solution [H+] =[X-]= 0.42*25/100 =0.105 mole[HX] = 0.42 – 0.105 = 0.315 moleKa = [H] [X] / [HX] = (0.105*0.105)/0.315 = … Read more

Increasing solubility in H2O?

Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing solubility in H2O….O2, LiCl, Br2, methanol(CH3OH).5 AnswersO2 is the least soluble in water, followed by Br2.the problem is that both LiCl and methanol dissolve completely in water. LiCl since it is an ionic compound, and methanol since it forms hydrogen bonding with water. Therefore any order for … Read more

Are there problems with hidden bake element on oven floor in range?

4 AnswersVisit the link below. It gives you the pros and cons of hidden bake elements in ranges:http://housewares.about.com/od/rangescooktops/qt/h…Source(s): About.comHidden Bake ElementSource(s): https://shrinke.im/a02Q6This Site Might Help You.RE:Are there problems with hidden bake element on oven floor in range?Source(s): problems hidden bake element oven floor range: https://shortly.im/TmBjxWe bought one and they SUCK!! They take WAYYYYY too long … Read more

what country is southwest of florida?

4 AnswersCuba is down there to the south, but you’re probably looking for Mexico.Cuba is the closest country that is located south of the state of Florida. Its capital, Havana, is southwest of the tip of Florida.–Other countries that you might consider are:MexicoGuatemalaBelizeEl SalvadorHondurasNicaraguaCosta Rica==========I hope this is helpful.Source(s): Rand McNally globeMexicoFrom Miami, the western … Read more

Which composers worked for Queen Elizabeth I?

A. Palestrina and Gabrieli B. Byrd and Tallis C. Josquin and Peri D. Lassus and Praetorius Which one?2 AnswersComposers such as William Byrd and Thomas Tallis worked in Elizabeth’s court and at the Chapel Royal, St. James’s PalaceSource(s): http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/Page46.aspB. Byrd and TallisSource(s): http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/Page46.asp


3 AnswersLoads. Off the top of my head: http://www.khimeros.com/ (I quit, but quite a lot of people like it) http://www.aramii.com/ (very similar to Wajas. not as good in my opinion) http://www.tygras.com/ (the art is fab, but the site has kindda died…) http://gryffs.com/ (I was addicted for a while, got over it. It’s a pretty good … Read more

What does pay first check mean on a bank statement?

On my bank statement there were two charges that say "Pay First Check". There is no store or reason for the charges and one is $80 and one is $100, both even numbers. If anyone knows what this means let me know, thanks!6 AnswersIt should list a phone number to contact them, if not, call … Read more

Blood richest in oxygen is found in the?

1. Blood richest in oxygen is found in thea. inferior vena cavab. superior vena cavac. pulmonary arteriesd. pulmonary veinse. systemic capillaries2. The breathing rate is controlled by chmoreceptors that mainly detecta. levels of oxygen in the alveolar air spaceb. levels of oxygen in the bloodc. levels of carbon dioxide in the alveolar air spaced. levels … Read more

Can you use a prepaid debit card for redbox?

If I got $10 prepaid debit card and used it for redbox, but I kept it logner than 10 days….Would they somehow track me down or something?Beacuse I only put $10 dollars on the credit card….and they cant keep charging me…How does that work?10 AnswersThank goodness Red Box is smart enough NOT to accept pre … Read more

Why is the last name Roy pronounced ‘wah’?

EX: Patrick Roy8 AnswersThis Site Might Help You.RE:Why is the last name Roy pronounced 'wah'?EX: Patrick RoySource(s): roy pronounced 39 wah 39: https://tr.im/RTtrVPatrick Roy PronunciationSource(s): https://shrinke.im/a9ktKIts because he is french. The name isnt always pronounced like that Ex: Derek Roy. Roi is french for king so thats what it means and so some people just … Read more

I need to do an experimental design on these questions.?

Do acidic conditions deactivate amylase?How is stomach acid neutralized in the small intestine?I need to do experimental designs on both question. I need a hypothesis, conclusion etc.. Pleasee helpp. Im reallyyyy horrible at doing this myself.2 Answersamylase exp.-hypothesis is that amylase activity decreases as acidity increases Experiment would be to use amylase and starch in … Read more

How do I print out my ACT admission ticket?

I see it asked everywhere, but the only response I see is "go to the website and print it out." I’m on my account page, in my tests, and I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find a place to print my admission ticket from. Step-by-step instructions for the stupid would be very much appreciated.7 AnswersIf … Read more

Has anyone heard of Buried Treasure Music Publishing?

They say they are based out of Nashville and are looking for country and pop songs. I haven’t been able to find much about them.thanks Kathleen. that’s actually the website i found the opportunity on. i wanted to have a second resource to back it up.4 AnswersThis is all I could find for you…. BURIED … Read more

The temperature on a cold snowy day is about:?

a. -30 degrees celsius b. -3 degrees celsius c. 30 degrees celsius d. -33 degrees celsius Thank You4 AnswersB. zero degrees celsius is the freezing point, so anything below that would be cold enough for snow.Source(s): My thermometer.Snowy Day TemperatureSource(s): https://shorte.im/a884cI picked –> -3 Degrees Celsius also."The temperature on a cold snowy day is about:?" … Read more

Can hamsters eat bird food instead of hamster food?

I have a huge bag of bird food and it’s very similar to hamster food. Can hamsters get all the nutrients they need from eating bird food?7 AnswersI dont believe they can get all of their nutrition from it but i know that rodents do enjoy eating bird seed alot. If your worried they wont … Read more