Japanese: What does “chou baka desu yo ne” mean?

Here’s what I know, based on the context I heard the statement in:baka means stupiddesu means are (as in “you are”)yo is for emphasis or maybe to show some kind of emotionne is to ask for confirmationI do not know what “chou” means. Without knowing that, the sentence seems to mean “You are really stupid, … Read more

Have a ᑕнιcκ Fil a ? Why are their sandwitches so expensive?

3 AnswersIt’s just a matter of higher quality. They pay more for their products therefor they have to charge more to meet their food cost percentage. Now a days ᑕнιcκ-fil-a has earned a reputation for being a great fast food place. That also lets them charge more. Supply and Demand. If McDonalds charged $4.00 for … Read more

Need Help with Physics Homework!?

You are exploring a newly discovered planet. The radius of the planet is 7.00×107m . You suspend a lead weight from the lower end of a light string that is 4.00 {rm m} long and has mass 0.0280 {rm kg}. You measure that it takes 0.0600s for a transverse pulse to travel from the lower … Read more

how do you solve 3log2x=4? please explain also..?

7 AnswersInverse of a log is 10^x so therefore we can solve using a bit of algebra:3log2x=4log2x=4/3 — Divide by 3 on both sides2x=10^(4/3) — Inverse of log is 10^x. Apply to both sidesx={10^(4/3)}/2 — Divide both sides by 2Now solve.x = 10.77217345 or about that.We can sub in for X to see that is … Read more

How long can you keep a home made sandwich in the fridge?

I want to make a bunch of turkey sandwiches, saran wrap it, and store it in the fridge for easy and convenient eating. How long will the sandwiches last in the fridge? My sandwich is extremely conservative to reduce soggyness with bread, lettuce, cheese, and sliced deli turkey you buy at the store in the … Read more

What is tjr perimeter of a 24 ft round pool?

Ehat is the Perimeter of 24ft round pool5 Answers24 feet? I f the pool is round and its circumference is also its perimeter then it’s 24 feet. If its diameter is 24 ft then the formula is 3.14 times 24. 75.36 feet is the perimeter. At least close as I can do in my head.24 … Read more

How long does newly mixed paint stay mixed?

I will be painting our bedroom on Saturday…if I buy the paint at lunch and have it mixed, will it still be uniformly mixed on Saturday?3 AnswersI work in the paint department at Home Depot. I know when we mix paint it can stay mixed pretty good for up to a week, but they do … Read more

Identify the reducing and oxidized agent in the reaction Zn + 2 AgCl → ZnCl2 + 2 Ag?

2 AnswersSee this previous question and answer.Source(s): http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=201012…Zn^0(s) -2 e –> Zn^2+(aq) (oxidation)2Ag^+(aq) +2 e –> 2Ag^0(s) (reduction) The valence is less, reduced.Ag is the oxidizing agent and Zn is the recucing agentOxid izing agents are reduced and reducing agents are oxidized. .Source(s): Teahcher

Spanish Homework: Direct Object Nouns and Pronouns.?

I need help verifying my answers.Read each question and choose the most logical response. 1. Vas a comprar en la maleta? Sí, voy a comprarlo. No, no voy a comprarla. (x)2. Quién tiene el mapa? Joaquín lo tiene. (x) Joaquín la tiene.3. Puedes llevamos a la estación del tren? Sí, los puedo llevar. (x) No, … Read more

Physical science help? Check my answers?

Need some help please D: 1. If you perform 10 joules of work lifting a 10 -N box from the floor to a shelf, how high is the shelf? (1 point) A. 1 MB. 2 mC. 10 m (My answer )D. 100 m2. How can a machine make work easier for you? (1 point) A. … Read more

Is Nancy Pelosi really the Crypt Keeper?

The resemblance is really uncanny.http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/02/27/iraq.dems/i…http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=Crypt+Keep…11 AnswersThe crypt keeper has a better plastic surgeonCrypt Keeper looks more like Nancy Reagan.http://wwwimage.cbsnews.com/images/2004/06/11/imag…No. The crypt keeper is able to change his facial expressions. Nancy’s had so much work done that the only way you could tell if she’s crying is if tears roll down that creepily smiling face of … Read more

Pokemon Yellow HM slaves?

Pokemon Yellow has only 5 HMs – Surf, Strength, Fly, Cut, and Flash. My question is what are 2 non-legendary pokemon that can, in total, learn all 5 of these HMs? If there are multiple combos of pokemon, please list them all, and thanks a lot in advance.7 AnswersCharizard (Cut, Fly, Strength) and Slowpoke/Slowbro OR … Read more

In a sample of pure copper, all atoms have atomic numbers which are..?

In a sample of pure copper, all atoms have atomic numbers which are..A) the same and the atoms have the same number of electronsB) the same but the atoms have a different number of electronsC) different but the atoms have the same number of electronsD) different and the atoms have a different number of electrons4 … Read more

Tell me what your proudest accomplishment is?

to work at marshalls help first job4 AnswersMy proudest accomplishment would be being the person that I am today. I have overcome many obstacles in my life and have achieved many accomplishments. I can speak 3 different languages: Punjabi, English and Hindi. During High School while under ᴘᴇᴇr pressure by my fellow ᴘᴇᴇrs, I have … Read more

What is the mass of 8.50×10^22 molecules of NH3?

I can’t understand how to solve it or what conversion factor to use 🙁 please help im studying for a test!!4 AnswersYou would use Avagadro’s number (6.02×10^23) to solve this. Here’s how:8.50×10^22 molecules of NH3 x 1 mole of NH3/6.02×10^23 molecules of NH3 = 0.14 molesThen you convert from moles to grams. First we need … Read more

Which of the following involve an increase in the entropy of the system?

Which of the following involve an increase in the entropy of the system?a. melting of a solidb. sublimationc. freezingd. mixinge. separationf. boiling2 AnswersGuessing entropy is always a tough one in thermo, but here is mine and reasoning: a. melting of a solid – increase- a melted substance has more disorder and options than a solid, … Read more

word that describes something that looks good but is actually bad?

is there a word or phrase to descibe something that looks good or appealing but is actually bad or harmful?5 AnswersPoison apple…Wolf in sheep’s clothing…Deceiving!Specious, Seemingly well-reasoned, plausible or true, but actually fallacious. [ quotations ▼] This idea that we must see through what we have started is specious, however good it may sound.Deceptively tantalizing.Source(s): … Read more

Why are Californians so arrogant?

I’ve noticed this in my travels and now that some kid posted that question about “insignificant states hating California” I just wondered has anyone else noticed how arrogant they are?Whats so great about smog and traffic jams?19 AnswersCalifornians that I work with are always talking about how great California is, yet they left the state. … Read more

What is the strongest neopet in neopets?

3 AnswersThere is no such thing as the strongest. You can train any of the neopets up to as high a strength as you can. Plus, all the neopets can use the strongest weapons as well, so there is no difference between them except for looks.Some pets are stronger than others in some areas when … Read more