does anyone know what the story “El Abanico” by Vicente Riva Palacio is about?

i need to know for spanish class2 Answers…Hiii Lord Voldemort! n_n Well.. You’ve answered your own question in a perfect way..!! What else can I add??.. xD! I would say that among all the sad backgrounds of many HP’s characters.. Snape’s back story is one of the saddest and interesting in the book… Since being … Read more

Chemistry: What type of hybridization does CH3CCH have??

What type of hybridization does CH3CCH have? I got sp AND sp2………….i will choose a best answer. thanks!1 AnswerThe carbon with CH3 connect to C is a sp3 since there are single bonds connects to 3H and CThe carbon connected to CH3 and CH is sp because there is a single bond connected to CH3 … Read more

What is the meaning of Monday 9/8 CT?

I’m living in Singapore and i’d like to know wat time is it here when it is Monday 9/8 CT in the US.7 Answersis 9:00 P. M. pacific time & 8:P.M. central timeeven though mountain time is bethween the two times that is the time a show comes on pacific & the time the same … Read more

How to find 3/4 of a number?

In my case 3/4 of 80, I googled it and its 60, but it’s for homework and I need to show my work. (how did I find the answer and stuff) so how do I find 3/4 of a number? I already know how to find 1/4 of a number and stuff but I need … Read more

80 = D to G A the W meaning?

what the hell does this mean?3 Answers80 Days to Go Around the World80 = Days to Go Around the World80= Days to (go, get) around the world.Get I think. That one movie…with the hot air balloon.

Interesting questions to ask girls?

Me and my close mate have been texting all evening asking random questions. I don’t know what else to ask her! Any ideas? Thanks in advance.6 AnswersWhat were you like when you were a kid?When was the first time that you had beer?If you had a billion dollars, what would you do with it?What would … Read more

Is MCA (Motor Club of America) a scam?

just curious3 AnswersBy no means. It’s been a trusted company since 1926 and I friend just referred it to me today.No I disagree with some of the fees but, I can ensure you this HERE “work from home” Company “Motor Club Of America” Aka MCA Is Not A Scam,..”In Fact” If you haven’t read this … Read more

why do people idolize marilyn monroe?

i see a lot of girls who say marilyn monroe is their idol. i think she was pretty and charming, and i’m sure she was a nice person who inspired by making it big, turning into a huge icon.. but what is it that makes people obsessed with her that they want to be like … Read more

What number names a plant?

My child’s homework4 AnswersThe number 4. When written as a Roman numeral, it’s IV (ivy).What Number Names A PlantSource(s): is number 4 in roman numerals i think thats correct…which says ivyFor the best answers, search on this site Three? Like “tree”, I guess…

Does Hydroxycut really work?

I’m 5’5 and 177 pounds and I hate my body. I wanted to try Hydroxycut to see if it works. Or if anybody as any other suggestions on how to lose this weight. Id like to lose about 38 pounds. I know diet and excercise but what are the best ways to excercise to make … Read more

what is roe v. wade?

13 AnswersIt was the U.S. Supreme Court case in which women were decided to have the right to abortion. Here’s a little story that you might like about that case so long ago. Back in good old Texas in the days when women didn’t have many rights of any kind, yet, a daughter of a … Read more

what do you get when you cross two ducks with a match?

this is a very hard riddle, that can help with homework.5 Answersfirequackersroast duck lol nah probably an answer like lit firequackersI tried to dothe riddle but it’s hard can you tell mea fire-quacker?fire quackers, i can just see it….well not really.

What does “put the lotion in the basket” mean?

I was listening to Dane Cook, and I heard this quote. I’ve never seen Silence of the Lambs, so I’m a little confused as to what this means. Can anyone help?12 AnswersI don’t know that it means anything it’s just part of the movie, buffalo bill lowers lotion in a basket down the well to … Read more

What does the wrestling term Corpsing mean?

I saw maria do it on botchamania 106 and iwan’t to know what is means3 AnswersLaughing during what is a scripted serious situation.If you do it around Randy Savage, he smacks a ho.CorpsingSource(s): had to look this one up, it means breaking the 4th wall/breaking Kayfabe/breaking character. Any time a wrestler breaks from character … Read more

I don’t get this joke in family guy?

When Peter sees the people with signs that say free Tibet, he says" I’ll take it.". I understand that, but I don’t understand what the joke is next, when he calls China and says he has an offer, and says, "Thats right, all the tea." What does that mean?Yes I know that Asians drink a … Read more

The Clue Is = This cupboard has treasure

The Clue Is = This cupboard has treasure, pirate pots, and corsair cutlery. Please Tell Me Where It Is2 AnswersLook in the house east of the pub in brimhaven. There is a stove in there, along with a cupboard.Source(s): Got the clue myself.This Cupboard Has TreasureSource(s):

What does the spanish word “si mon” mean in english??

I hear it alot but have no idea what it means….12 Answerssimon, is the name of a person,but spanish people use it to say ”yes” in their slang,mostly mexicanos do that,”simon que si ese”, I am a mexicanoSpanish Word For YesSource(s): Site Might Help You.RE:What does the spanish word "si mon" mean in english??I … Read more

55.3% K, 14.6% P, and 30.1% O chemical formula?

need the chemical formula and please explain in detail how to solve! Thank you 🙂1 Answer55.3% K, 14.6% P, and 30.1% O chemical formula?———————————————-55.3% K/39.1 = 1.41 —–>2.9914.6% P/31 = 0.471—>let this one be 130.1% O/16 = 1.882—–>3.996So, based upon this, the formula is:K3PO4

What does しました(shimaѕнι𝓉a) mean?

8 Answersshimaѕнι𝓉a is the polite past tense form of doing something. "kino benkyou shimaѕнι𝓉a" Yesterday I studied. Any verb with ~ ta ~maѕнι𝓉a is the polite past tense of the word. Tabemaѕнι𝓉a (ate) , nomimaѕнι𝓉a (drank) etc etc.Shimaѕнι𝓉aSource(s): past tense of the verb ‘suru’, to do. Nani o suru? What will you do? Nani … Read more

what is the closest beach from Augusta, GA? in SC perhaps?

7 AnswersIn addition to the ones mentioned, Edisto Island and Hunting Island (around Beaufort, SC) are around three hours away. And Tybee Island around Savannah is about the same distance. Also, the various beaches around Charleston such as Isle of Palms, Sullivans Island, Folly Beach and Kiawah are all around the same distance too.Beaches Near … Read more

What is GMJ ammo? And is it anygood?

3 AnswersIt’s the same thing as FMJ. Apparently it stands for “gilded metal jacket,” rather than FMJ.Same exact thing.Not for you. You should get your head examined before using any ammo, you fu©king wacko.I have a question…did you even TRY and google it first or are you bored ?

Is it okay to take Benadryl and Dayquil at the same time?

I woke up with flu-like symptoms and took some Dayquil which helped to get ready of my flu like symptoms, but now I’m having an allergic reaction to my boyfriends cat. I feel miserable and I just want to feel better!!! Is it okay to take them at the same time? Or should I wait … Read more