Why wont my iFunny tags work?

I will post a picture or video to Ifunny and hashtag it but when i scroll through those tags my post wont be there. Ill only get like 5 views. When i first starting using iFunny I could easily find my post amongst the tag and get 1000 views. Does anybody know whats wrong or … Read more

Is 180 pounds overweight for a 5’9 male?

Hi i was just wondering is Is 180 pounds overweight for a 5’9 male?9 AnswersListen guy, i hate people with Rude remarks when you are trying to find a answer. I will tell you a few things. If you have more muscles, then you will tend to weigh more. Muscle weigh more than fat. I … Read more

skinny dipping games?

hey me and my friends want to have some fun tommorow night. does anyone know any skinny dipping games???? thanks =] 9 AnswersHmm…lemme see…. "Is it really you, or is it just cold?" "Fondle the Flounder" "ᑕнιcκen-Lickin’ Fights" "Whose Lump is That Anyways?" and my personal favorite…. "Marco Pole-O" Skinny Dipping GamesSource(s): https://shorte.im/a0EGaIf done carefully … Read more

Up for a Ho Ho Ho Quiz?

I know its not Christmas but who cares!Each word below has “ho” in it. I’ll give you the clues, you try to figure out the word. I’ve done the first one for you. 1. Where you and your family live h o m e 2. You do this in stores at Christmastime ___ h o … Read more

Is there a way to practice giving a hickey?

I only see my bf once in awhile and I want to practice before I give him his first one. I can’t practice on myself because he’d see it plus I have to wear a bikini when we go to FL. No im not gonna practice on another person either lol. Maybe a fruit or … Read more

If you were a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

I know i would, id be so delicious. Id cover myself with relish and brown mustard. and polish it off with a tall cool budweiser! Heck id ask for seconds!24 AnswersWhat if the moon was made out of Barbeque spare ribs? Would you eat it then? I know I would.Source(s): Harry CareyWill Ferrell doing Harry … Read more

Is wirelesswithout.com a legitimate website?

Does it really work to get you out of a contract?2 AnswersI would stick with the two main ones that allow you to trade your contract with other people they are http://www.celltradeusa.com/ and http://www.cellswapper.com/ They were both mention in this New York times Article. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/03/10/technology/10mon…If I want accurate information I go to a library. After … Read more

Where can I obtain Vitamin Shtick (lip sunscreen)?

I recently got a care package from Glaceau, the makers of Vitamin Water, Smart Water etc. Included were two sticks of lip sunscreen which had similar labeling as the Vitamin Water. They read “Vitamin Shtick”. Does anyone know where I can get more of those? Is it sold in any stores or is it just … Read more

Is Pastor David Paul a fraud? He pastors at Spiritual Life Fellowship?

He sent me a letter one day saying God had called him to be my Spiritual Watchman.And then sent me letters detailing prophetic events,visions God had given to him concerning me.He addressed me personally in each letter and asked a few questions here and there.Most letters he would encourage me to be obedient to God … Read more

What is the best definition of polar covalent bond?

A. A covalent bond formed with electrons that are shared equallyB. A covalent bond formed with unequal sharing of electronsC. A bond formed that is half ionic and half covalentD. A covalent bond formed between water and another molecule3 AnswersB`Source(s): SocCovalent Bond Definition BiologySource(s): https://shrink.im/a0zSJYOU could have done a google too! Polar Covalent Bonds In … Read more

Any Manga with a “Bad Boy” character?

Hiya! ^^ I’m in need of some good manga recommendations, please! I"m wanting something that’s got romance as a main focus. I’d like for the main male character to be the ‘bad guy’ type, if you get what I mean 🙂 Like one with piercings or tattoos, ex gang member, or just someone with a … Read more

Here IS the Original Johnny Deeper Joke.?

Okay here we go!It was 3:00 and Johnny was in trouble for backhanding a little girl. His teacher was writing when he flung a rubber band at her. “Johnny Deeper! I am taking you to the principals office.” She yelled. They walked down to the office and no one was there. She sat down and … Read more

What does “incipit liber primus” mean?

i don’t know what language it is. sorry. mabye latin not sure though.10 AnswersIf it’s latin, and it seems to be, it’s something about books (liber) first (primer) and begin (incipit).Source(s): http://www.ourcatholicfaith.org/frames/latintransl…Primus DefinitionSource(s): https://shrink.im/a86czIt is a section of a poem, most often the first (primus) section, after the Introduction (Prologus). Following this is the incipit … Read more

which species represents a chemical compound?

A) NH[subscript 4, superscript +]B)N[subscript 2]C)NaHCO[subscript 3]D)Naim kinda confused as to why i got this wrong on my chem test. please also give me a reason why the right answer is rightalso, i put A and it was wrong2 AnswersA. NH4+ is an ion. You can tell because of the + charge. It is not … Read more

Paint Tool Sai Error?

Well i have been using Sai for a couple of months now, and i haven’t oƿє-ṅєd it for like… 2 weeks. Just today i tried to open it, and a message comes up reporting that there’s an error, the message reads this;“Sai context initialize error”I tried researching the problem but couldn’t find anything…I also tried … Read more

What is a place line in an article?

In an article i know there is a headline, byline, but what is the place line?5 AnswersThat’s referred to as the dateline. It’s right at the beginning of the story, and looks sort of like this:NEW YORK — The stock market was higher today …It identifies where the writer was located, and/or where the story … Read more

Use of carbine in a dark room?

Whats a carbine do in a dark room on the ios? Is it a weapon or what?1 AnswerOutsiders like you need to show me some respect!

How do you get Rubber Cement off of skin?

Ok so I spilt about the entire bottle of rubber cement all over my hands and arms. I tried to wash it out with water but that only made it worse. And suggestions?8 Answersits not that hard. just rub it. and it comes offCement On SkinSource(s): https://shorte.im/a9BaKIt won’t rub off? Rubber cement often will just … Read more

Where can I find the lyrics to that Brazilian song, “Hey, Magdalena”?

I’ve heard it a number of times. It’s in 4/4 time. It’s got drums almost constantly going in the background playing this sort of jungle-type beat. It’s an informal-sounding chorus of people singing the song, and it’s in Portuguese.I don’t actually mean “Hey, Maccarana.” I’ve heard the song a few times before. I’m not talking … Read more


話人地做事投入,投入 的英文解釋是???3 AnswersDevote your full efforts into something.pay attention to 只是解留心 / 注意~不等同專注 / 投入~devote 才是投入的意思~不過~devote 是和 to 一起用的~i.e. devote [your full efforts / yourself] to somethingor he is devoted to [something / doing something](p.s. devoted to 乃 phrasal verb~後面跟ing~)投入的英文是”pay attention to”,即是說人做事專注、留心;話人地做事投入,英文是He pays attention to do everything.如果”serious”就是說人做事認真例句: He is so serious that he pays much attention … Read more